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    shandi Guest

    Default Announcing 2011 Travel Promotion - Romance Awaits for Early Escapes

    You asked for it - we delivered! We are pleased to announce the much anticipated annual promotion for advanced travel in 2011.

    Reserve now through 4/15/10 (Tax Day)
    Available at ALL 4 Couples Resorts
    Travel 12/26/10 through 12/25/11

    1 - Savings up to 55%, discounts vary by travel dates, hotel and room category
    2 - $500 Resort Credit for stays of 7 nights or longer, if you can charge it to your room, the credit will apply.
    3 - See below and note that you book the higher room category and you will pay the lower room category rate.
    4- Online quotes already reflect the savings
    Couples Tower Isle
    Reserve Superior Ocean and pay Deluxe Garden Rate.
    Reserve Deluxe Ocean and pay Superior Ocean Rate.
    Reserve Premier Ocean and pay Deluxe Ocean Rate.
    Couples Sans Souci
    Reserve Deluxe Ocean Verandah and pay Deluxe Ocean Rate.
    Reserve One Bedroom Ocean Suite and pay Deluxe Ocean Verandah Suite Rate.
    Reserve One Bedroom Beachfront Suite and pay One Bedroom Ocean Suite Rate.
    Couples Negril
    Reserve Deluxe Ocean and pay Deluxe Garden Rate.
    Reserve Deluxe Beachfront and pay Deluxe Ocean Rate.
    Couples Swept Away Garden Suite
    Reserve Atrium Suite and pay Garden Suite Rate.
    Reserve Great House Verandah Suite and pay Atrium Suite Rate.

    NOTE: Valid on all bookings, including contracted groups signed with deposit by 4/15, combinable with honeymoon and wedding packages/amenities

    Looking forward to welcoming you home again in 2011,

    Shandi, a.k.a. Andi Conway, Director of Sales and Marketing, Couples Resorts
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    Quote Originally Posted by shandi View Post
    2 - $500 Resort Credit for stays of 7 nights or longer, if you can charge it to your room, the credit will apply.

    When I enter the dates of my current reservation for 2011, the rate is actually higher than when I booked back in December - even with booking the lowest room category. Do we still qualify for the $500 credit or must we book at the higher price for it to apply?

    Can spa services be charged to your room? Thank you!
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    Higher rate includes resort credit, lower rates do not. That being said, you may consider changing your booking if the resort credits are important to you. You may still be saving money in the end...

    Couples Resorts

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    Does this apply only when booking directly with Couples or does going thru a TA also work?

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    Thanks Randy. We're actually better off keeping our current reservation.

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    backsoon - either way is fine.

    Couples Resorts

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    Does this mean that you won't be offering any specials for 2010 travel?

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    This is awesome. Does the credit apply towards anything at the resort including your total booking cost? When would the $500 be applied to your stay?

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    When I enter my dates it says no rates available.

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    what about rates on the Verandah suites at CSA??? are those as posted or lower as well???

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    My travel agent said the garden verandah suites were not included. We would have to book an oceanview to get the credit. So this doesn't help me at all.

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    The information your agent provided is incorrect. We have not restricted the resort credits to any particular room category. If your agent is from U.S. or Canada,please ask him/her to call us at 800 COUPLES or 954 416 1280.

    If you are from UK/EUROPE
    UK Sales Office
    Voice[+44] 1582 794 420
    FAX [+44] 1582 792112

    Couples Resorts

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    So if I am reading this right Randymon...the price is what it is, the $500 is a credit to be used at the resort (ie spa treatments, wine, etc?) and the only upgrades for CSA are: Reserve Atrium Suite at Garden Suite Rates
    Reserve Great House Verandah Suite at Atrium Suite Rates only? Do the upgrades apply to any other suites? Just curious. Thanks!

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    For instance, would I book the Premier Ocean and know that the price reflected is the Deluxe Ocean rate? Or do I book the Deluxe Ocean and know I will get a Premier Ocean room?

    Sorry for this question, but I'm just a teeny bit confused.

    It might have something to do with the fact that I will be there in 8 MORE DAYS! YAY! Sun_princess

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    Thanks. After checking into it myself, I see I am eligible for the credit an the rate is about the same. I will get her to call tomorrow.

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    You guys are too much.

    We have five months till our June trip and you got us thinking about 2011 already.

    It is too much for my little pea brain to comprehend.

    I need to count the quarters in my vacation jar.

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    EinWI and Sun_Princess: The upgrades at CSA are available from the minimum two categories only. Yes, you book the higher category and pay the lower rate.

    Couples Resorts

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    Default And this is the quote from my travel agent today ...

    From here in the U.K. -

    He drew up a booking for me dated 1st February (yesterday) for hopefully our next trip in February 2011 and this is what he has just e mailed me ....

    Hi Helen

    I have spoken with Head office this morning and this promotion is only for the US market, the rates they offer are 30% more than the rates we use for your booking, the only way to get the below offer is to book on the Higher rates offered to the US market.

    ........ this makes me sad

    Randy - can you confirm this statement please - many thanks.

    Helen (UK)

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    I was able to change my booked trip for CSA for $11 more and now I get the $500 credit. Can the credit be applied towards an upgrade at check in if available?

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    Changed my existing booking today. Saved money and got the credit. Sweet.

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    Yes, the credit may be used to pay for the upgrade charge.

    Couples Resorts

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    Quick question Randy.....before we book, I need to know what date with the anniversary party for CTI be on in 2011? Will it be on the 15th of January? Or the 22nd?


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    We have May. 2010 and December 2010 booked already. Now we will be booking December 2011, Just have to decide on how many days!

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    Can you charge excursions (zip line) to your room? Wasn't sure what you can use the $500 towards.


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    We booked 9 nights at CSA - April 8-17, 2011 - before the price increase back in December. Price - 3348.00

    I just priced out the same reservation with the new prices. Price - 4428.00

    I think we'll skip the upgrade and the credit this time.
    Ricky Ginsburg
    On the web, always open

    Boca Raton, Florida
    (just a 75 minute plane flight from paradise)

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