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    Default Coffee in Carafes?

    Does anybody know if CSA or CN has coffee that can be ordered in a carafe and taken back to the room at maybe 9:00PM to maybe 12:00 Midnight. My wife and I enjoy coffee all day and into the late evening, with real cream or whole milk. Neither one of us is very fond of the little packets of coffee and instant creamer (powder). I noticed that one of the smaller restaurants at CSA "the Cabana" is open from 11AM to 5AM. Can you get a carafe of coffee at the Cabana at weird hours?

    Another question. Does CSA or CN have Cappucino or a coffee bar for a real expresso? We are coffee freaks...drink tons each day!

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    If you are coffee freaks, Jamaica is the place to be. Blue Mountain coffee is the best in the world

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    The only time I've had trouble finding a carafe is at 6am... I really shouldn't say its a problem, 'cause I always succeed. Its just that everyone's so busy in the restaurants getting them ready for b'fast that its hard finding someone to get a carafe for you. But when you find them, its there in a flash!

    Should be no problem finding one at night.


    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Hi Coffee Freaks!

    There is a carafe in your room that is filled with ice water. Just dump that out and run some hot water in it, then bring it to the Palms or Patois and they'll fill it up for you. You can also bring a cup of milk/cream to go with.

    You'll love the Blue Mountain coffee, and won't feel a need for espresso (I don't think). Espresso can be found at Feathers, but I think that may be the only place.

    Enjoy your trip!!

    Oh, and BTW - Palms opens for coffee at 5:00 AM, so make sure your hubby gets up early to get that carafe filled with your favorite beverage bright and early!!

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    There is a coffee bar in the internet cafe in the great house. It has a coffee machine with cappucino but no expresso. No carafes only cups but there is a carafe in your room that housekeeping puts ice in you could use that. Watch out for the blue mountain coffee seems to have 3x the caffeine to me!
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    Only Feathers at CSA and Otaheite at CN serve Blue Mountain coffee. The rest of the restaurants serve High Mountain coffee.
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    Thank you very much Chris for the info. It is a relef to me. As long as there is some place to ferret out a carafe of coffee, we will be content! It is funny, my wife and I have completely different ideas on vacations, however the one thing that we both enjoy is relaxing with a good cup of coffee and chatting in a pleasant environment.

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    The "sports bar" at CSA has an expresso makes a delcious cup....know you'll enjoy it as we do!

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    Sorry, but my wife needed the computer just as I was posting my earlier reply!
    I did not intend to merely thank Chris Earlier. I wanted to thank all of you who responded, very much!
    To gonegril: Are Palms or Patois open at Midnight? I don't think that they are, but I appreciate your suggestions?

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    Actually, the bar at the Palms will stay open as long as there are patrons. I say this with the disclaimer that the Palms facility will be closed for four weeks or so starting on Sept 9 (?), per Randymon's post (best to check that date)...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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