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    Default CSA: It's about time!

    Its been a very long year of checking this message board faithfully multiple times a day, getting tips. And now, it's time. Saturday morning, our flight will leave Chicago at 8 am. We are looking forward to spending a week at CSA and putting to good use all of the helpful tips made on this board. See some of you soon.

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    You will have a GREAT time. Remember to get on 'Jamaican time' as soon as you land, relax and have fun!!!! Oh, have a hummingbird on me

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    LMAO, it seems half this board is on that flight (me and my husband included).

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    have a great trip. go, relax, and enjoy Swept Away

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    Enjoy CSA. She's lovely. Razzl

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    Have a great time!! we leave next sat night!!

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    VERY JEALOUS!!! We still have a month to wait!

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