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    My husband and I are planning another trip to Jamaica this year but we are unsure where to stay. We have stayed at CSA 3 times and loved it each time! The big thing for me is the beach because that is were I spend most of my time. I love CSAs beach because of the calm water and fine sand. So my question is, will I be disappointed with the beaches at CTI and or CSS?

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    If you are looking for long strolls along the beach then you will be disappointed. If you are just looking for a beach to lay on and enjoy the sun, then you won't be disappointed. The weeks we were at CTI & CSS, the water was a bit rough, but I don't know if it is always like that. We were never able to float at CTI, but did do some floating at CSS, but the sea grass was a bit gross. I wouldn't say the sand is hard as they do rake it daily, but I don't think it was as silky as the Negril side.

    But I wouldn't let the beach be your entire deciding factor. CSS's grounds are so fabulous and the place is incredibly romantic that I would suggest you give it a try. I really don't think you will be disappointed. Just like there are winding paths at CSA, CSS also has quiet winding paths to explore with hidden surprises along the way.
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    I stayed at CSS for 11 days in March, 2010. CSS is quiet, quaint and smaller than the others. That is why we picked CSS and it did not disappoint. The beach was very nice, never crowded. Absolutely need watershoes due to many sea erchins. It was my 1st time to Jamaica but absolutely not my last. I will be a CSS fan for life. However, the buildings are built into the side of mountains and require a lot of walking up and down steps. If this is not for you, get the beachfront room and they will bus you up to the upper level.

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    In my opinion...yes, if the beach is your top priority you will be disappointed with CSS or CTI, especially after staying at CSA on past trips. Thats not saying that CSS or CTI aren't beautiful resorts with a lot to offer, just that the beaches don't compare to the beach at CSA.

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