Just kidding----My wife is out shopping for groceries for the the kids and would shoot me for even saying that. One more sleep and we are up at 4 am for the airport. Having said that, when we were there in 06 we met so many wonderful people, including the staff. We can't wait to see and meet all the wonderful folks that will be there when we are.

My wife is not a hugger person (except me and the kids) but she has said she will give Tommywommy a few because he seems so nice. Salty Dogs Indeeeed!!

We are so excited and not sure how much we will be sleeping tonite. So many of our friends and family have visited the couples.com website and have been calling all day wishing us a Happy 25 years together.

With four kids, two just out of college and two about to go, we are so much looking forward to next part of our life together...soon to be empty nesters and great kids to boot.

I even told her that any of my spa time is hers...massage(s), pedicures, whatever she wants because she is the best wife and mother that anybody could ever ask for.