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    Dirtleg: I also wanted to let you know with taxes and fees it seems to go no cheaper than booking separately with fare right under 900.00 for two people. Just so you have a guideline as to a "norm" price range. I do have a questions though is it USA3000 charter flights that are cancelled for 2010? Wondering because no new flight schedules past 12/08 so far.
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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    We used to fly direct nonstop out of Boston via Air Jamaica until they stopped the service a couple of years ago. We were VERY upset!

    Last year US Air started service direct nonstop - BUT the flight doesn't leave Boston until 11AM which means it arrives at MoBay at about 3:30ish - which means you don't get to the resort until 5:30 PM at the earliest.

    We decided against that flight and instead chose the flight with a layover that leaves at 5 or 6 AM but gets to MoBay for 12:30 or so. It's SOOOO much better!! We sleep on the plane, and arrive ready to enjoy our vacation!!

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    Airbell and Dirtleg:

    Just a note of caution regarding the two one-way fares, and it's not with the airlines.

    Make sure you have the record of your return flight when you hit immigration at MBJ. Jamaican immigration might have a note from the airline that you're travelling on a one-way ticket and genuinely wonder if you're planning on overstaying your visit (illegally). If you have the record of the return flight, you'll be ok.

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    airbell96: Yes, it is USA3000. It seems they are dropping their routes to Jamaica after mid December of this year. TA's that used them for charters to Jamaica are scrambling to other airlines. The TA we used is aligning with Delta/NWA and the prices are not very competitive for us.

    jagorham: Thanks for the advice. We will book a round trip package with US Airways as the price looks to be very good for us. You do have to look for the low fare days of the week. The two one-way trips just sounds a little squirrely to me.

    We have not booked yet, but plan to in the next week or so. We will be in Jamaica next summer. See you all at the beach!

    I love the beach. Have I mentioned that lately?

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    Dirtleg, I'm not sure if you have anything booked yet, but I was told F-jet has non stop flight for Jamaica for next year. You might check that out, or contact me and I will give you my travel agents number and you can call her. My email is lahr at I hope this helps.

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    Jagorham and dirtleg: Thanks for all the info....I too might just do the roundtrip...I still don't understand why it is cheaper with two one way tickets...but oh well!
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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    Bobandkelly; you may want to double check that the airline isn't USA3000..dirtleg said they have pulled out! This company in the past few years was the charter for worry free vacations, f_jet and apple. Seems so much better to just book straight through couples! We did this for our Sept trip and had no troubles but couldn't do the airfare through couples for our May 2010 trip as it wasn't posted yet.
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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    Hi Airbell96,
    From what I understand MLT dropped out of the St.Louis market. I think Apple still is using USA 3000, and Funjet is now using Airtrans, which in my opinion has better flights. They are leaving in the am instead of the pm, and are non-stop. Everyone from St.Louis area might want to check this out.

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    [QUOTE=bobandkelly;7648]Hi Airbell96,
    From what I understand MLT dropped out of the St.Louis market. I think Apple still is using USA 3000, and Funjet is now using Airtrans, which in my opinion has better flights. They are leaving in the am instead of the pm, and are non-stop. Everyone from St.Louis area might want to check this out.[/QUOTE

    Thanks so much....I will definitely get on it! WOOHOO! I luv this board and all the people on here! See this is why couples guests are repeaters!
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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    Glad I could help!

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    If you look at the USA3000 web site they do not list flights to Jamaica after about mid december. Nothing from anywhere, at least as of last week. MLT told me it was USA3000 that dropped them. Who knows? I am going to avoid the whole mess though. I will poke around at some additional options, thanks for the ideas, before putting up $'s. But so far the US Airways package looks very attractive. I will post results when we make the jump. We are just happy to be returning to CSA.

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    OK. Problems resolved, hopefully.

    We have booked through US Airways for air & CSA. Arriving the afternoon of June 15, staying 7 nights. Decent price too with the Couples early booking special and air included. While we are not getting the non-stop flight from STL to MBJ, we are scheduled to arrive in MoBay at 11:30 am. So I figure we will be at CSA by 2 o'clock or so. Enough time for an afternoon snack, a swim and a shower before dinner and entertainment for the night. Not too shabby. Of course we will have time for a visit to my beach also. I love the beach.

    Thanks for all the kind words, advice and just good vibes in general.


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    I have been followong your thread and I am so glad for you that it finally got resolved. I hope your trip is amazing

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    BobandKelly: I tried to look up transair flights to MBJ from STL and I can't seem to find them flying to MBJ. Just trying to see if a return flight time with them is better than with US airways.
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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    Dirtleg, glad you have booked. now just a countdown until you are back on da beach mon.


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    Default Flights

    You might check the US Air flights that connect in Charlotte, then direct to Mobay. Puts you there at 11:30 AM, and misses the crowds you'll find at Miami, Atlanta, and Chicago.
    Ken & Gina

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    Tru dat! We are going through Charlotte and then to MBJ, In Jamaica by 11:30 AM. At least that is the schedule.

    Yo', see ya'll at the beach in about a year! (our thirtieth anniversary!)

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