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    Default Newbie's leaving for CSA in 5 days! Looking for drink and food ideas!

    I may double post this or have lost in in cyber space. Dh and I are leaving for CSA in 5 days and this is our 1st vacation and first all inclusive. I am looking for any suggestions on drinks( i prefer sweet, fruity ones...but a good highball isn't out of the question) and good eats, The sandwich from lemon grass??? I have to reread my notes. Also I have read NO TIPPING so since we can not tip is there anything we can give to show appreciation ? Anything that staff may enjoy that they can't get there? Also I read that book the cruises and Feathers as soon as you get there?
    Any insight would be appreciated .
    Thank you Rebecca

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    it's hard to go wrong w/any of the food or drinks there, but lemongrass was our favorite restaurant, and the sweet potato chips and dip were a great afternoon snack. as for drinks, the hummingbird was my favorite morning drink and then it was time to start working my way through the drink list they have at all the bars. if you like fruity w/rum, they won't let you down.

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    Relax on the reservations... after checkin, go ahead and unpack... then find the concierge or call to reserve at Feathers; the cat cruise can also be reserved at the concierge (across the lobby from where you check in).

    As for what to do for the staff... keep tabs on your favorite staff members and be sure to give them props on your exit questionnaire.

    Enjoy your vacation!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    One of the big things you can do for a staff member who provides a special service or goes out of its way for you is to write something nice about him/her on a comment card when you depart. It goes a long way for them.
    You should also book diiners as soon as you arrive as well as whatever watersports you want to participate in

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    Hi Rebecca & welcome to the Couples family.
    You've asked for a lot of information here and I'll try to help:
    1. We enjoyed the drink called the Hummingbird. I think it's banana & strawberry flavored. Try the drink of the day at the bar and determine your own favorite. Also go over to the Sports/Spa and sample some of their fruit smoothies at the bar. They are non-alcoholic but are nice and refreshing.
    2. Our favorite place for snacks/lunch was the Sea Grapes cafe on the beach. Definitely have the sweet potato chips and dips. There was always something there that sounded so different than what you've ever eaten before and was delicious. If you sit on the beach by Sea Grapes you're also by the Palms where you can fill a plate and walk back to your lounge chair. For breakfast go to Patois and have the banana stuffed french toast and a breakfast pizza. We did not care much for the food at the Cabana Grill.
    2. Yes tipping is not acceptable except for the workers at the spa when you get a treatment there. We brought some small packages of candy and left it on our bed in the morning with a note that said "Thank You" for the woman who maintained our room. I brought various treats that wouldn't melt like M&M peanuts, Skittles and tubes of peanuts/cashews. Nothing that was worth a lot of money but would show our appreciation.
    3. You can only book the catamaran cruise and dinners at Feathers or Lemongrass restaurants a day or two in advance. We never had a bad meal at any of the restaurants so if you don't want the fuss of dressing up or sitting for too long then just go to the Palms and order a meal from the server and pick from the buffet.
    Enjoy your time in Paradise!

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    have the snapper sandwich and sweet potato chips from SeaGrapes. Definitely have something jerk from the Cabana Grill (chicken, pork, whatever....)

    Have at least one Red Stripe -- just so you can say "Hooray Beer!"

    And relax and have a great time!

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    Just got back from my first trip to CSA on Wed. We really enjoyed ourselves. I had made a list of the frozen drinks I wanted to try but every bar has a very lengthy menu selection so the list wasn't necessary. One drink I had that became my fave was a chocolate martini from the martini bar. Loved this drink and I am not a fan of martini's. Feathers was our favorite place to eat so get in there as early as possible and than if you like it you can rebook.

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    yes book the dinner reservations and the cat. cruise when you get there.
    The only people we tip were the drivers and baggage handlers at the airport.
    DONT OVER PACK...everyone does their first trip so dont worry about bringing enough clothes.
    We head back in 8 days now, cannot wait.

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    There is a menu of drinks at the beach bar. Lots of them. Try the Russian special, "Oneofeach"

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    You picked a perfect destination for your 1st - we were their in Jan of 2010 and had such a good time we went back a 2nd time and just got back on April 3rd.

    No to tipping other than the luggage handlers at the airport - expected to give $1.00/bag - also tipping of the spa personel for treatments is also permitted but no place else. I brought several samples of perfumes, facial wash and beauty products to hand out and it went over well. The best way to tip the staff is get their name and write it down on the comment card at the end of your stay.

    As for the reservations, we never had a problem booking anything the day before, so I wouldn't worry too much about rushing into anything. I do recommend that you go on the orientation tour - there is one everyday at 10 AM & 5 PM - they will explain everything at that time.

    Drinks and food - everything was excellent, we of course had a favourites at the different restaurants, as I'm sure you will establish your own.

    I would suggest that you try and go to the piano bar at least once and the night club - truly a lot of fun. My hubby isn't much into dancing but plenty of staff members that will dance with you and give some instruction to the guys if needed.

    Enjoy your trip - I know you will, you have to work very very hard to have a bad time!

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    How long does the orientation tour last?

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    The Hummingbird rocks! Also, at Feathers, get the dessert tower to end the meal and if you like coffee get that too. It is French press Blue Mountain coffee and it is wonderful. We made our reservations right after checking in because we wanted it done while we were there. Once you get settled and get a buzz, you don't want to have to worry about when and where to eat. Make sure you go to the martini bar and take a night time stroll.

    We are busy parents of three young children and my husband and I thought our trip to CSA was the most relaxing vacation we have ever been on. No kids, no responsibilities, and people bringing you drinks while you lay on an unbelievably beautiful beach. It's paradise. CSA ROCKS!!! Have fun.

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    Default Tom & DuAnne

    CSA newbies-33 more days-Will it ever come? MB is super info! Tom undecided on GOLF. Soooooo excited.5/15-5/22

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    I heard a good fruity drink to try is a hummingbird.

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    Hi newbies Tom/DuAnne, Tom if you're not a lay on the beach all day kind of guy and really enjoy playing golf then I say play a round. Me and two of my buddies played and enjoyed it. We left our wives to get massages and lie on the beach until we got back. I play golf wherever I go and even though Negril Hills isn't a "write home about" type of course you'll have a good time. We passed on the cart and walked the course with our caddies which made all the difference. It'll cost you $15 +/- for the caddie, $15+/- clubs, $20 tip/18 holes and $6 for two drinks on the course and a couple of bucks for the van driver. For around $60 you can say you played golf in Jamaica and had a personal caddie. I'm a weekend hacker pushing my clubs around and don't often get a chance to brag about a round of golf but I have fond memories of the two days I played in Negril. Ask for Ronnie or Nevel and tell them Steve from NY says hello. I promise you'll have fond memories and help support a local caddie in the process.
    If you'd like to see a few pictures we took or want more encouragement just drop me an e-mail.

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