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    I'm trying to be sneaky and book a couples massage online for our visit next week at Sans Souci without my SO knowing (and yes, you can book online, that's not the problem). The problem is, we only have 2 days we can go, thursday or friday. I was thinking that we would go friday night (the night before we leave) as a nice way to end our last night there, but the Gala is on Friday night as well and we want to go since we've never been. If I book for friday night at 6pm for a 50 minute massage, would we still be able to make dinner and the Gala, or would it be way too rushed??? The only options are from 6pm on, or before 1pm, both thursday and friday.


    Also, any general info about how a couples massage goes would be great (what to expect, is it awkward, stuff like that) since neither one of us has ever had one!!! Thanks!!!


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    We usually book ours for late morning so we can have a light breakfast before and shower afterwards. Your hair will be messy and you'll have oils and lotions on you. I also, prefer to relax after mine, not rush to get dressed for dinner.

    At Sans Souci the Couples Massage was done in a hut right on the cliffs and it was the 2 of us with 2 Therapists.
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    Times might be a bit more open if you book when you reach the resort. And it is very easy. You can go to any phone on the resort and book, so it would be simple to step away from your hunny while you make the call. All of the bars have phones and you are welcome to use them.

    Remember to take a tip as it is proper to tip the massage personnel.
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    Agreeably, you'll want to relax after your lovely massage. If you do go from massage to Gala, however, don't rush in the shower!! You'll be full of oil. If you don't ask for a bath mat for the floor of the shower, just be cautious. Enjoy your vacation!!

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