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    Default Golf Course driving range at CSS

    Wifey and I will be making out first trip with Couples later this year. I got

    I see that there is golfing at CSS. I am not a golfer but need to become one (or at least learn) for some outings at work. Before I hit the links, I would like to develop some kind of swing. Does anyone know if they have driving ranges at CSS. What better place to learn, huh?

    Thanks for the help

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    The resort does not have a driving range. I'm not sure if the golf course that CSS takes you to has one or not. Perhaps someone else knows.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    No driving range or golf course at CSS. They will take you to one, though.

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    I hope you enjoy your time at CSS as much as I did. They do have a driving range at the golf course, however, there is a fee to rent clubs, hire caddies, and if you want a golf cart you can rent one. Not sure you need a caddy or cart for the range. Be sure to meet Miguel and Ofelia (entertainment staff) when u arrive. They are the best. Enjoy

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