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    So I'm flipping through the pages on Trip Advisor to see some recent photos of CSS (we leave in 3 sleeps and I can't concentrate at work)....and lo' and behold there is a pic of a bunch of mountain bikes. Are these for the guests to use? If they are, have any of you used them and are there a lot of trails? I don't think I'd want to drink a couple of Bob Marley's and ride one but might it be a nice thing to do in the morning before it gets too warm.

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    There is a bike barn behind Block A. You can use the biked thru out the property although it would be tough climbing the stairs on the bikes. There is a road behind the rooms in the cliffs that goes from the lobby to behind block A. You can also ride around the pond towards the tennis courts. You can ride towards sunset beach, just don't go on sunset beach until after 5 PM. I have never seen the bikes in front by the beach or on the beach. Just make sure you pick a bike that is not too large or too small. It would make it more difficult to ride
    They are well maintaianed mountain bikes

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    I saw the same pics and just assumed they are for our use. I hope so because I would love to take them for a ride around the resort pond, etc. We arrive this Sat in time for lunch, flight from Dulles in the morning. Hope to see you there, maybe we can ride together
    Terri and Ed

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    Hi Terri & Ed
    We land around 12:20 on an AA flight from Chicago. Do you arrive at the resort around lunch or the airport? I believe your flight would be a couple of hours less than ours. If I see someone riding a bike I'll ask if its you. Heck, we may meet one way or the anyway!

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