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    Default Single Digit Dance

    If I did this right, there should be a link to some happy faces dancin..

    All packed and ready to go...

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    Have a great time... and Spread the word of Red Sox Nation to JA!!

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    Default Go Red Sox

    Ok, so we lost 2 out of 3 to the dreaded Yankess, but still a long season to go!! I'm a transplanted Bostonian, now living in So. FL, so have no fear, we will be spreadin' the word of Red Sox Nation in CTI!! See ya there...


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    Default It's only April can't get excited about baseball yet!

    Craig...When you heading to CTI?

    Transplant?? Where origianlly from?

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    YANKEES..................ALL THE WAY!!!!!!! Can't wait to fight about it on the Rock!!!!See ya on Sunday!!!!

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    You go girl!

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    Just 4 more wake ups...can't wait...

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    Red Sox Nation will be VERY well represented. Just look for the Beach Bum in the Sox hat and Pedroia t-shirt. If the wireless internet streches out to the beach I will be listening to the games.

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