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    Default Couple of questions about CSS

    My husband and I will be staying at CSS in November so of course I've been reading tripadvisor. There have a few reviews that talk of tipping various staff members and of algae in the ocean. I've stayed at both CN and CSA and tipping was not permitted. In fact, I was told staff could be fired if tips were accepted. I do realize that the beach at CSS won't be like those of Negril, but an algae bottom? Thanks for any information.

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    Default Css

    no tipping at all, and no algea in the water either! You would tip the spa staff and the guides on the off resort tours if you go on them but no one at the resort!

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    No tipping at the resort except to spa personnel. If you do excursions you need to tip the driver and at Dunns River, tip the guides.

    The main beach has a lot of algae/icky stuff at the bottom when you walk out... it can feel pretty slimy... but the beach is private and quiet and we loved it... I just walked out a little bit and climbed on my floatie and paddled on out farther.

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    What about gifts for staff

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    ew. algae? really???

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    It isn't really algae, but sea grass. It isn't terrible thick and is easy to get on your floatie and float over the grass. We did find there to be less of the grass the closer you got to the sports hut.

    And Randymon has stated several times that tipping is prohibited. Employees can lose their job for accepting tips and guests can be escorted off the property without refund for tipping.
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