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    Default wanting a Picture of new lounges by pool at cn

    I know I saw a picture someone posted of the new blue sectionals at CN that are by the swin up bar. Does anyone else have one or know where I can find one, my wife really wants to see them.
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    I guess they are the new blue sectionals. Any pics would be great.

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    I was just there last month - Here's a pic of them!
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    Go to the Meet up at Couples - Negril site and look for the thread about new changes to CN.

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    Messican - go to Meet up at CN and click on the post titled "recent CN trip change - pics". You'll see the pics there!

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    Juliann & Jeff
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    We put a picture under the "Couples Negril Meetup" Threads.

    Look for the thread "recent CN trip change - pics" or this link:

    We have several others if she needs to see more.

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