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    Default Just need an answer....

    Please....I would like to know if anyone knows if couples decided to do non-smoking rooms even on balconies. I'm getting ready to book flights for our dec. trip to cti and it would make a differece to us since my hubby is a smoker. I have been watching the board for any updates on this issue and I haven't seen anything. I even tried to post a question on this issue several days ago and I have'nt seen it yet, so I'm trying again. Thanks for any info I can get.

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    Nothing has been done regarding having non smoking rooms or balconies at Couples resorts other then having the survey on this message board.

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    Simple. Just call the 800 number for Couples, and ask....

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    I can't speak for managment, but as far as I know there has been no decision made concerning smoking. There definitly would be a post right at the top of the board, and there has not been.

    We will be at CTI in a littl over 3 1/2 days. If there is any information about smoking policy, I will post while I am there.


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    Thanks for your help, and I did think about calling the resort but was'nt sure who to talk to. I will also give it a try. Crabracer thank you for any info you get, have a great trip I can hardly wait for my turn. I'm glad summer will be here soon maybe it will help time go by better.

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    GREAT question..The keg was opened a few days ago and WE NEED AN ANSWER.


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    We were at CTI in March and CSS in April no issues smoking on the balcony. Everywhere else please just take the time to consider others. One thing I noted at both CTI and CSS was that there were not too many places to put out butts when walking. Even in the lobby - they should put some discreet ashtrays here and there.

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