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    Default CN: Deluxe Beachfront Rooms

    If anyone has stayed in these rooms:

    1) What was the view from the balcony
    2) What type of seating did the balcony have
    3) What floors are these rooms available on?
    4) Were you satisfied with the room?


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    We always stay in a Deluxe Beachfront room at CN. We always get one in building 6. They are on all 3 floors. The balconies have two chairs with cussions and a little table. Here are the views from the third floor:

    To the left with the Wedding gazebo in the center and building #8 behind.

    Center across the natural pool with building #9 behind.

    To the right with the au natural beach behind the hedges on the left. In March, the sun sets over the hedges on the left. In May it sets farther to the right.
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    At CN all rooms (except for the suites) are exactly the same. The only difference is location and view.

    CN's buildings are set in "u" shapes and consequently do not have dead-on views of the ocean. So even though you reserve a beachfront view, you will not be dead-on beachfront view. You will see the beach...just hard to explain. Anyway ~ beachfront rooms are on all three floors. There is a table with 2 chairs on the balcony.

    The rooms are more than adequate. If you are debating about which room to book, I suggest going with a garden view room. It is the exact same room as a beachfront, it just is in a beautiful lush garden area. Neither are far from the beach as CN is very compact. The only difference is price and I prefer to save the money and stay a couple extra nights. All the amenities are the same in the garden view, ocean view or beachfront.
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    We have stayed in both the Deluxe Beachfront rooms and the gardenview rooms. They are the same room exactly. Beachfront rooms do not look directly on the beachfront. Everything is angled. Here are some pics of building six (looking to the right from our porch)and building five beachfront first floor. You can get a second or third floor but the balconies are all the same-kind of small. We get the gardenview room now and love it just as much.
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    My husband and I stayed in the Delux Beachfroont rooms on our honeymoon. Yes, we loved the room bc it was our honeymoon room. However, this September when we return we will be staying in a garden room for several reasons. To answer your questions though. We stayed in building 6 so that is what my answers are based upon.

    1. The view from the balcony was of the garden area. Unless, you leaned over the balcony slightly and looked to your right. The BUILDINGS are ocean front not the rooms themselves. While the beach runs horizontal the buildings (at least buildin 6) runs vertical to the beach. So, unless you are on the bottom floor closest to the beach, you will not see much of the beach.

    2. The balcony was a very good size. A small table and 2 chairs were provided for the seating. My husband and I found ourselves out there often.

    3. As far as I know these rooms are available on all floors. Like I said earlier I recommend the bottom floor. First of all, you can walk from your patio to the beach (if you are comfortable with leaving the door unlocked). Secondly, you can walk out your front door onto the pool deck. Thirdly, you have better view of the water/beach.

    4. We were satisfied with our room because, you are not in there all that much. When you are in there, quite often you are not interested in the view

    Again, all of this information is based off of building 6. Not sure what other buildings offer these type of rooms. My husband and I have requested building 7(garden view room) on a high floor in hopes to have a better view of the ocean with a better price. Later, I will post a pictures of the view from our balcony. Have a wonderful time in CN! When will you be there?

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