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    As always, we ended up with WAY TOO MUCH chocolate during the Easter holidays, and are planning on bringing a bunch of with us next week Saturday when we leave for CN (for our third trip "home") to share with the staff. I have read on this MB of others bringing chocolate with them, and was wondering if anyone can share their tips for keeping the chocolate from becoming a melted mess during travel and during our stay at the resort. thanks in advance for any tips/suggestions you may have!!

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    We bought snack size chocolate candy last time we went. We only bought a couple bags so we put in our carry on. We plan to do the same for our May trip because our housekeeper really enjoyed them.

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    I refrigerate it before the trip and then keep it in my carry on, then throw it back in the Fridge in the room....
    It works fine

    Leave it on the Pillow for the Housekeeper - they have never needed a note for candy
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    r&cford, How do you give the chocolate to the housekeeper? Throughout your stay or at the end? Good idea!

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    During stay put it in the frig

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    Well, I brought M&M's and Tootsie Rolls for that exact reason.

    And let me tell you, the watersports guys LOVED them!

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    Sunlovers, we noticed we had the same person after a couple of days who was very nice. One day she looked like she didn't feel good so we asked. She said had a cold and was not feeling good at all. I asked her if she had meds and she said she was drinking a lot of liquids and resting when she got home. I had packed A LOT of different OTC meds. I gave her headache and allergy meds. I also asked if she had any children and she said yes, so we gave her some of the candy. I asked if she would get in trouble or if I needed to write a note saying it was a gift. She saw us a couple days later around the resort and stopped to thank us for the meds and said the kids and her mom really enjoyed the candy (that just about made my whole trip!). I told her I would leave some more for them on the bed with a note in case she needed it. I can't wait to come 'home' and bring them a little of what we take for granted. Sunlovers, I know that's more than you asked, but I wanted to explain how little things we take for granted like M&Ms and store brand meds means SO much to them. I think we ended up leaving the rest of the meds with her. From what I understand, you can give them little things like that without getting them in trouble. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong b/c the last thing I want to do is get anyone in trouble.

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    r&cford, thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate knowing about the candy, would never have thought of it on my own. Enjoyed your post and will keep it in mind for our next trip. Thanks.

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    What a great story r&cford. We did the same thing with Hershey's Kisses. I kept them in the fridge at home until we were ready to leave, then wrapped the bags in tinfoil and placed them on my carry on. When we got to our room, I put the bags in the back of the fridge. Every night before we left for dinner, I would place a handful on the corner of our bed with a little thank you note. We did this the 9 days we were there. You would have thought we gave out thousand dollar bills.. such a little gesture and it meant the world to them. We are planning on doing it again this year. Hope you're having a great time!!!

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