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    Default First time CSA &CTI questions

    Hello-We are going on our honeymoon in July. 4 days CTI and 4 CSA. Should we plan our guided tours now(ones not included through Couples)?Is it possible to set up the tours that ARE included in the Couples package prior to going? If!Sara

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    There is no need to set up the trips prior to arriving.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    You should at least set aside what days you are going to do outside excursions, and do them while you are closer to that area.

    If you plan to go to Nine Mile, (for example ) do that while in Ocho Rios and visit YS Falls while in Negril.
    ...but with only 4 days in each area, you will probably find that plans do change once you are there...

    One other thing to consider , is doing a private excursion on the day you leave Ochi for Negril, as it's about a 3 hour ride anyway so you may be able to pass by somewhere you wanted to visit.

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    Don't plan anything until you get to the resort. I think the included excursions will be enough for you to do. Once you get there you will be amazed at all the things offered right at the resort. Have fun and congrats!

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