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    Default Chicago Fall Flights

    Air Jamaica orphan here (as I wipe a tear away).
    While I know that we can expect flight to MoBay to be on the rise in general....can anyone tell me when in the season they have found the best prices for fall flights on AA or Spirit? Prices seem to be on the rise at present, and I am wondering now if I should have booked our air $100 ago.....Any advice is much appreciated - Thanks!

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    Anyone? Just wondering...we really need a vaca and I'm scared of getting priced out of it

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    We have booked a flight with AA out of O'Hare for late August - booked it in late January have have watched the prices fluctuate some since (using I think I might have booked a month too early, as the prices were a bit lower since, although they are starting to rise just a bit. Normally I would think booking 4-5 months ahead of trip is the best, although you never know with all of the airline changes. Personally, I like the peace of mind and don't mind purchasing the exact flight that fits our schedule nice and early, even if there is a $50 or so premium. Good luck!

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    We have seen that USA 3000 Air flies non stop to Montego Bay from O'Hare and their prices seem to be pretty close to Air Jamaica.

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    I am also now using US3000 for my trips to Jamaica. However, I looked last night for August, 2010 and they were listed as $249 each way before taxes and fees. This is the highest I have ever seen them, so I am waiting.

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    i just saw on the news tonight that Spirit was going to start charging $45 for carryon bags. thought i would let you know.


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    I see that AA flights are now back down to about the same as earlier this year. What a roller coaster! I have to quit looking!!

    Speaking of baggage fees - its nice that AA does not charge for trips to Jamaica.

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    I posted this on another thread but in case you don't see it I'll put it here too. We always book through a travel agent and we always go in the fall, usually November but going in October this year but only a couple weeks different. We usually wait until May or June to book as the air fares seem to drop around that time and then rise again later. We checked with her a couple weeks ago on prices and she said her feeling is that prices are going to continue to rise rather than drop as they have in years past so she encouraged us to book the trip now. She has nothing to gain from us booking now or later so I have to believe her advice was genuine and not financially motivated and she has always treated us very well. Granted she is only human and doesn't have a crystal ball and who knows what will happen with the economy but that's the advice we got from a pro.

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    For you Chicago travelers, you might want to check flights with Delta flights out of Midway. There are also a couple of park and fly hotels in the area.( Some early AM flights out, with a 11:00AM flight back to Chicago. There is one stop in Atlanta. There are back up flights to MBJ, and also back to MDW in case of delays.

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    "Speaking of baggage fees - its nice that AA does not charge for trips to Jamaica. "

    A question on that....I am assuming though, for a 1-stop route, through Miami, we would still incur baggage fees, for the first leg, is that right? And then again on the second leg coming home? Silly question, probably, but we don't get out much

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    No, there are no fees on a trip from ORD to MBJ via MIA, which happens to be exactly what we have reserved for our trip down this coming August. I did call AA since making the reservation (trying to switch to a non-stop that appeared after I had booked the 1-stop trip, which I couldn't do without a large fee ), and confirmed that we will not have checked bag fees. No worries mon .

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    We just did the AA flight from Chicago thru Miami to MoBay and there were no baggage fees.

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    Wow! Thanks - GOOD news, for a change!

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