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    Default Raining all week of April 12. in!

    Does it rain all day there in Jamaica? Weather looks like rain every day!!!

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    I know we saw the same thing and are sad. Our trip is 4-10 thru 4-16 - t-storms every day. It said 'isolated' so hopefully it will only be for a short time.

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    It rains every day...just not all day. It is the tropics.

    Don't sweat it. Enjoy the hour long soaking and grab a beverage.

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    It says EVERYDAY on the weather forecast for Negril that there is rain planned.

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    stop looking at any weather sites!! They ALWAYS list rain for Negril and other areas of Jamaica - that's how tropical climates are reported on. We vacationed at CN in mid-April in 2008 and had beautiful, sunny weather most of the trip. It rained in the afternoons several times during our 7-days, but most only lasted an hour or two and then the sun came back out (and you often get to see some beautiful rainbows afterward too!). It's really nothing to worry about! One of the rains happened while we were heading back from the caves on the cat cruise, so a bunch of us hung out in the garden hot tub during the entire rainfall and it was one of the most fun times we had!! (except for the rain watering down our yummy drinks!!) CN is paradise even in the rain!!

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    That's the normal Jamaica forecase. As someone else said, it's the tropics. It usually does rain at some point every day.

    I'm more worried about the temps being in the low 80's. That's too close to the 70's for me and wet and in a swimsuit, that's cold (for me)!!

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    We had rain everyday in October....only for about an hour each afternoon. Perfect time for lunch and a hummingbird....don't worry, the sun will shine

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    I would so not worry about it. It says isolated, scattered and only 30%. That is nothing really. Also, the average rain fall for Jamaica in April is about 2.5 INCHES, not a lot at all. You may see a passing shower but that is about all. never fear you will have a great weather and will really enjoy those passing afternoon showers, it is amazing what you can find to do in paradise.

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    Just to shed a different light on this dilemma for some tourists, Jamaica has been dealing with an impending drought since last year and it's gotten even worse recently.

    Please try to conserve water at your hotel - anything you do at home to save $$ can be helpful there as well.

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    I think this was back on the old MB, but I remember someone posting a picture of a number of folks hanging out in a jacuzzi during a hearty rain. I thought that was so cool, it really looked like they were enjoying themselves. While it doesn't rain a great deal here in Southern California, when it does, it's often a cold one. So a nice, tropical WARM rain may actually serve as an enjoyable experience. Not saying I want it to rain a lot during our vacation, but a daily half hour or so dose ain't gonna kill us and in fact may even be a wee bit o' fun.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Do NOT be afraid of the rain. My husband and I went to CN during "rainy" season in September. It DID rain every day BUT the rain was always late afternoon. When we would go in to shower and get ready for the night is when it would rain. By the time we were dressed and ready to head out for dinner the rain cloud was gone and the stars were out. Have fun!!!

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    In all my years of traveling to CN in April it has only rained for short periods of time (tropical showers) and never very long.

    At this particular time much of Jamaica is experiencing drought conditions so any rain is considered liquid gold.

    If it should happen to rain, just enjoy it and I am sure there can be plenty of activities found to keep you busy.

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    ok...ok...I shall chill and take it as it comes...we shall have a great time rain or shine...with drink in hand!

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    Don't worry about a ting, cause every little ting is gonna be alright!!!
    Art xo Francine

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