It's been so long since I've posted here I had to register all over again! We went to CSA for our wedding and honeymoon in Jan. 2008 and are FINALLY booked to return "home"! woohoo. Couldn't resist the 2011 early escapes sale. So I just had to post since I am soooo excited. The down side is waiting until Dec. to get there already. How will I sleep for the next 8+ months!!!
We're doing a split and trying CSS this time for the first 7 days then back to CSA for 6 days... to catch our 3rd anniversary there.
Has anyone done a split? I know it kinda kills a day switching, but we don't care. We're excited to both see a new resort and return to an old one.
What about the staff at CSA? Do you think we'll recognize any faces? I hope some of them are still there.
Is anything else new at CSA? Time to get back to reading the message boards again....