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    Default Fishing Charter/CSA

    Going to be at CSA April 28-May 6. Am interested in a fishing charter unless it's just crazy expensive. Do I...

    1. Arrange all this now by saying... "Hey who wants to go in on a fishing charter with us?" And getting a group together that way?
    2. Once I get to CSA find someone to help me arrange that on site?

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    I posted on the MB the dates (as you have) and 2-3 couples responded and we plan to meet up at CSA to coordinate a fishing charter thru the tour desk.

    You can also contact the tour desk upon arrival and tell them you are looking for people to fish with and they can try to match you up with others that have inquired as well.

    The more people go- the cheaper it is.

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    We might be interested. We arrive late on April 30th thru May 5th.

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    My husband and I are going to be at CSA with another couple April 25th to May 2nd. The boys might be interested in arranging something! We'll keep an eye on this board and see if we can't get a group together!

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    Sounds super, all! Maybe the way forward is to just revisit in a few weeks right before the end of April, get a rough head count, then tell the desk at CSA that we've got a group and here's a list of names. I bet they could contact our individual rooms and take it from there. If anyone wants to contact me directly use this e-mail...

    Also I wouldn't qualify our novice status so openly were this a poker game, but I must admit my wife and I do NOT fish. This just seems like a fun idea and something new to try. I don't know if beginners luck applies but... just wanted to put that out there.
    -Mike & Diana

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    Sounds good Drinkuth!No professionals here either. Just sounds like fun! We will look for future posts!

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    I'm interested in eharing who you book with and how your trip was when you get back. We are doing this for my bachelor party next June when we are there for the wedding.

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    U got it, me! Will review after for ya. Hope I catch something

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    Default Getting married at CSA on May 3 and would love to go fishing as well

    My fiance and I will be at CSA April 30, 2010 to May 6, 2010. We are interested in the deep sea fishing as well. He is a huge fan so please let us know. It would probably be after the wedding before we could go so please let us know the plans!! We are super excited! It is our first time to CSA so we cant wait.

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