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    Default All 4 Couples resorts make top 10

    Just opened the August 09 copy of Travel and Leisure Magazine and very glad to see that CN ranked #2 out of the 25 top Resorts in the Caribbean, Bermuda and Bahama's catagory... CSA came in at #3 with CSS at #7 and CTI at #8...out of 25. Congratulations to all the Staff members who's hard work and loyalty make Couples resorts the BEST place to vacation.

    In the Top 100 catagory, CN was 36, with CSA as #42

    Come on CSS and CTI loyalists.... We have to VOTE more to get our favorites into the top 100
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    Kudos to Couples - 6th trip to our heart's home in 6 days YA MON

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    Awesome! But, we already knew that!

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    Awesome...Travel and Leisure is finally sharing with the world what we already know!

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    As it Should Be !!! YAY Couples !!!!

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    We are not surprised! Well deserved!!

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