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    Default booking/travel insurance

    We are wanting to book for 2011 while the promo is going before tax day ends! One problem, just found out that a family medical problem may not allow us to come, but wont know more details until after my dads cardiogram. Does anyone know if we book now with the travel insurance, and have to cancel if my dad has to have bypass surgery, would we get any of our money back from deposit and monthly payments ? I couldnt find any info about travel ins, in the faq's, thanks.

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    If your booking directly with Couples then you can get a full refund anytime up until your balance is due at 45 days out. I would always get insurance anyway because you never know when you might need it. You will also get your money refunded minus the cost of the insurance.

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    You would get back everything except for the cost of the insurance.
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    Trip insurance policies can vary regarding what is covered and what portion of your money would be refunded. Are you booking through a travel agent? If so call them and ask. If you will be booking this yourself contact the insurance company directly, they should have a customer service number you can use to inquire.

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    Best wishes for your dad's good health.

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    I was looking for the detailed info on the insurance as well. Here's the policy:

    They have a "Cancel for Any Reason" waiver. If you have to cancel for a reason that's not already outlined in the policy, you get refunded in Island Romance Holidays travel certificates, with the balance of the refund paid by check or credit card credit. I'm guessing it's basically a Couple's credit to rebook at a later date? Does anyone know for sure?

    Hope everything works out for you!

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    Thanks guys, we r booking tonight! yay

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