It's six o'clock Sunday evening. I was sitting outside a little while ago, straining to gather up the falling sunbeams. Overall, it was a pretty nice day. We took our daughter Sydney out for a good-bye afternoon dinner. She's come a long way. The first time we went to Jamaica in 1993, she locked herself in the bathroom and refused to come out. After a lot of begging and pleading, the people we left in charge were able to take care of things. This trip, Syd said that she was going to be a good girl while we were away. So that issue is resolved.
The setting sun here reminds me of the setting sun "there".
Almost everyone is off the beach, the island is closed. Eric and Diane and Craig and Cindy are making preparations for dining. I can see them smiling.
In a matter of hours from now, we will rise from our short slumber and be taken to the place of the silver birds. There we will begin our journey to Couplesland. A sanctuary for all good little boys and girls. To frolic without care. Laugh for no reason. An oasis where hospitality, comfort and other sheer and simple pleasures await.
Stay well my brethren. The bell tolls soon for you too.