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    Default Just booked!!!

    I just booked our 2nd trip to CN for March 3-10, 2011. Can't wait!!! This time we are taking my stepsister and BIL with us (their first time)!! Time to start counting the days, start the diet and look forward to our next trip to our favorite destination!!!

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    congrats!!! I'm with you in the long wait thing too... we have about another year and a couple months until or 2011 vacation. come oooonnnnn time, go faster!

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    That's AWESOME! We were there this year during the same time frame that you will be going in 2011. We haven't decided exactly where we are going next year, BUT CN or CSA is tops on our list so far! Since you will now be considered a "repeater", you already know how wonderful it will be and the feeling of "going home" that is/will come over you. Congratulations on being booked for 2011!

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    Don't you just LOVE the feeling of "just booked!" You get to be excited about something!

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