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    Hello All!! I am leaving for CTI tommorrow (CANT WAIT!!!)I am from the US does anyone know if you get cell service on the island? (i have verizon) also was curious about the electrical outlets and if ill be able to charge the phone in my room. Any responses would be appreciated!! Thanx!!

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    I'm pretty sure your Verizon phone will work... but if its a *berry, or some such smartphone, you'll want to turn off the data mode (big charges!). And yes, your charger will work just fine in the rooms.

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    Your charger will work in the rooms, but you might want to call Verizon to check about their international plans. I'm with AT&T and while the phone works in Jamaica, there are charges for calls and texting. The charges for data roaming (ie location service, wireless, etc.) can be high as well.
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    Try going to the Verizon website:
    I haven't ever been to Jamaica but from the website I have gathered that it is $1.99/min for phone calls. Texting and any other data (internet)is an additional cost as well. All charges are just added on to your phone bill. If you have a newer phone it will most likely work in Jamaica. If you check out the website it will tell you for sure.
    If you just want to use the internet from your phone and not incur additional charges, turn off your mobile network and turn on your wi-fi. Airplane mode will work too for some phones. My phone is the HTC Droid and it won't allow me to turn wi-fi on in airplane mode but my husband's phone (Motorola Droid) will.
    Also, if you are needing to make phone calls to the US on a regular basis, try out the phone application Skype. The application costs but you can call (via the internet) and not incur the $1.99/min charges from Verizon.
    The outlets in the rooms will comply with US devices.
    Have fun and maybe we will see you there! We arrive on the 15th.
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    You'll have to pay for roaming, of course, while on a non-Verizon network. You might call them before leaving to see how much it will be per minute. You'll be roaming with Digicel in Jamaica.

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    I have Verizon and in our last 4 trips I can't seem to call out but I can text and receive phone calls

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    I was told to contact Verizon before we left to have international dialing enabled.

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    We have Verizon. Before we went to CSS last December, I called them and asked them to turn on whatever was required to allow me to make and receive calls in Jamaica during that time period. One thing they told me, text messages are much cheaper than calls, so if you like to text, that's a good option. The service worked fine for us.

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    Jules, we were at csa last year and are going again in May. Verizon does work and you can get a special rate by notifying them in advance. That is still expensive. At the gift shops they sell a phone card that I believe I paid $8 for. It gave me I beleive 3 hours of phone use to the US using the room phone. It was a great deal and the minutes that I had left I passed along to someone who was staying longer.

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    i have verizon and yes, you will have service, however, the roaming charges can kill you if you talk alot. and yes, you can charge the phone in your room!!

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    I'm going to CSA next week and ordered a new Blackberry for my wife from Verizon. Verizon told me it's $1.99 a minute for phone usage and $5.00 per megabyte for data.... Tech said with a smart phone it's a good idea NOT to use data while there cause if you have an update to your phone it will come through and you could be charged a BUNDLE.....

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