Must be getting old or something! But maybe someone can help us.

We are at CSA for two weeks at the begining of November and have a very dear friend who is very sick who lives in Kingston. We will naturally be seeing her while we are on vacation.

The way we see it we have only two alternatives - Hire a care and drive one day returning the next, or fly from Negril to Tinson Pen in the morning and fly back late afternoon.

Two questions - first, are there any other logical ways of doing this, second, where on earth can we get a schedule of flights to and from Kingston? We have exhausted all web ways of determining this information, but we know it can be done. We have visited Jamaica since 1980 and know the flights run!

Any help woulf relieve the frustration at our end.

Keep smiling! We all need some pampering soon and I'm sure we will run across each other on one of the sunshine trips!

Thanks for the help guys!