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    Default CSA price help

    I'm looking to go to csa for the first time in Feb. Is $2000pp a good price for 7 days flying nonstop from NJ for the lowest priced room or can I do better?

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    With air, seems like an all right deal, considering Feb is peak season and you will see high rates at that time.

    Make sure you are taking advantage of the deals they have for 2011 booking. Not sure if that's already baked into that price.

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    Seems like a very reasonable price to me too.

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    Lowest price rooms are the Garden Suites in the original area of the resort. As you shop, you may find that you'd rather upgrade, but that's a matter of personal choice.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseydevs View Post
    I'm looking to go to csa for the first time in Feb. Is $2000pp a good price for 7 days flying nonstop from NJ for the lowest priced room or can I do better?
    Seems pretty good.. That is an expensive time.

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    That's not bad for 7 nights.

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    Double check this, but you should be getting an Atrium suite for the price of the Garden Suite. Also, you should be getting $500.00 resort credit as well since you're staying 7 nights. Considering all this, YES, that's a very good price! Grab it!

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    I really dont know about that price... Swear to God, I have never paid over $3000 for our 7 night trips to CSA.
    The trip I have in May is $2950 for both of us for one week, non stop air on Delta from Detroit for an atrium room.
    We usually go in December, and the prices are right around 2900 or 3000 for both of us.
    So.... play around with the dates, airfare can be 300 difference for just one day difference. And, 2011 prices are ALOT higher, why not try for December of this year (the prices are cheaper)

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    Sounds like you got a really good deal. We have our trip booked for the end of May this year, and our total price for CSA ALONE not including airfare is $3,100 for 8 nights in an Atrium! Don't tell my husband I somehow got a bad deal!

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    Prices can vary significantly through the year and February is a more expensive time of year. We just booked a beachfront verandah for 7 nights for just under $4000 for the two of us in October but had to switch to an airport a little further from home to save several hundred $$$. If February is when you really want to go then you need to decide what price you are able to pay and then book the appropriate room category but I don't think that price sounds out of line.

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    Default $2,000 pp good deal - 7 nights?

    I think that's a pretty good deal based off of our recent trip in February 2010 to CN from Pgh. PA. We stayed for 8 nights instead of 7 and paid approximately $200 mor per person with a connecting flight in ATL. I would book it! In fact, if I can find the same deal or better, we will probably be booking again ourselves.

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