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    Default Veteran feeling like a Newbie........Hugs

    Wow...I am so "excited"...Peggy and I have booked CN and CSS and we can not wait to go.

    We have not been to CN since 2007..Very hard for us to believe that's it's been this long.

    Veterans feeling like Newbies..Sorta feels good.

    CN...Couples Negril.........April 10-17,2010
    CSS..Couples Sans Souci.....April 17-24,2010

    After we return it will be TIME for me to write a very detailed review of CN and CSS..I truly love both of these resorts very much.
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    Looking forward to your reviews of CN and CSS (esp. CSS). We did CN last year and can't wait to go back. My wife and I are doing the same trip, except in reverse, order next year.

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    Default Have a hug-full time!


    Have a great time, and give everyone a hug for us too.

    BTW - you're doing the exact trip we're doing in December - CN then CSS. We're looking forward to seeing CSS for the first time!


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    Default Returning to CN

    I feel the same way! The last time we were at CN was in 2007....and I can't wait to get back. We will be there on the 28th. This will be our 7th time at CN and I am as excited as the first time because I know how great it is. My husband wanted to try someplace new, but there is only one place I want to be on vacation!

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    Three days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yay us
    Going home in three days..

    I feel just like a NEWBIE..And it's a great feeling.
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    Tommy: I read in another post that the beach bar doesn't serve onion rings any more. Would you mind checking that out for me? If they do have them, sample a few and let me know if they are as good as they were last year. I can't wait for my first lunch of jerk chicken, onion rings, and a red stripe (sorry, no salty dog).

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    backsoon..I'll be happy to check out the onion rings for you.

    I am so looking forward to returning to CN...Hope a couple of the CN employees remember me.
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    I am so envious of all of those who get to go "home" soon. We have 8 months before we can experience CN for the first time.

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