I am not posting this to be simply inflammatory. I am still very much looking forward to my vacation, but I think it is fair to post the good, the bad, and the ugly if we're going to give unbiased, accurate reviews.

I just want to warn all to check their credit card statements carefully, I charge a lot of $$ to my CC monthly and so I would not have noticed the extra charge if I hadn't gone through it line by line.

Anyway, I booked my CSS wedding on 3/6 (reserved the time and day and put down the $200 administrative/government fee that is required to do so) however, on my CC bill, there are two $200 charges, both posted to my acct on the same day, both by Couples.

I have tried calling the 1-800 line and am not getting anywhere, the first option I chose "accounting" put me through to a recording of a man stating his name, then a bunch of coughing in the background.. but no one was talking to me.
hung up, called again, the wedding coordinator option got me to voice mail, left a message, then hung up, called again choosing the reservations option.

the man there couldn't seem to help me at all, didn't even ask me my name or my reservation date, just put me on hold, then came back and transferred me to Wedding coordinator's voice mail again.

So.. also sent her an email about this.

Again, this does not cloud my vision of my couples vacation.. but it is frustrating with everything I hear about the EXCELLENT customer service that is bestowed upon us once we get to the resort..... that the customer service seems quite lacking if I try to talk to someone on the phone about an issue I am having.

This is my first visit to couples. I'm sure they will right the wrong. Just a warning to make sure your charges are accurate. If it happened to me, it could happen to you! (and yes, it could happen at any company.. not saying couples did this on purpose).