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    Will I be considered a repeater when I come back to Couples next, but stay at CN instead of CSA or would I have to go back to CSA?


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    As long as you have stayed at any of the "Couples" resorts AND you have registered for Romance Rewards you are considered a repeater.

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    You are a returning guest if you've stayed at any one of the four Couples Resorts, you register for Romance Rewards, and you then stay for a second trip at any one of the four resorts. For example, we stayed at CTI in 1998 when it was the only Couples Resort. When we visited the newly-opened CN in 1999, we were treated as returning guests.

    Just make sure that you've signed up for Romance Rewards so that you'll receive returning guest perks.
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    Yes - you are considered a "Repeater" when you return to any of the four resorts as long as you register for Romance Rewards.

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    As long as you've registered for Romance Rewards and gave them your member number you are considered a Repeater regardless of which Couples resort you're at. We're all family at all 4 resorts

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    A Couples repeater is a Couples repeater... regardless of which resort you call home this time - as long as you register for Romance Rewards...

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    If you stay at a Couples resort, the next time to you stay an any other Couples resort you will have repeaters status - as long as you register for Romance Rewards!

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    You are considered a repeater at any of the Couples resorts. You don't have to go back to the one you originally stayed at.
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    As long as you stayed at a Couples resort and you have registered for Romance Rewards, you are a repeater. Congrats. Make sure you go to the repeaters dinner, the food is out of sight, you get to meet other repeaters (we've made a lot of friends at this), and you get to know some of the management. It is really nice. We have been so lucky, every time we have gone to one, it has been held outside, because there were so many repeaters. Have a wonderful vacation.

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    you will be a repeater as long as you register for Romance Rewards

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