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    I don't really drink anything but water, will I have a problem finding bottled water or ice water without having to pay for it? I can't imagine sitting at the beach without water!!!

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    Pay??? What is that at Couples!! lol Seriously, you won't have a problem finding water. Actually the water is very good in Jamaica. Many other islands in the Caribbean get their water from Jamaica because of the quality.

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    If your going to CTI they have gone from bottled water to giving you complimentary screw top jugs that you can take any where. At CN we get the little bottles from the bars or you can by the bigger bottles in the shop. I've needed the bigger ones after a few to many Bob Marley's

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    At SweptAway, our past experience has been that you can get bottled water anytime. Tap water is fine for drinking on resort, also. If you want to bring a water bottle, I suspect they'll gladly fill it for you.


    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We are water drinkers too and we have always taken insulated water bottles to help keep it from getting hot so fast on the beach. Haven't been to a Couple's yet but the other resort we've been to we could always find a place to fill them up. We'd take them down in the morning full from the tap in our room then fill them from water fountains or the bars as the day went on. Certainly as wonderful as everyone says Couple's is they will fill a water bottle for you. I'm planning on taking ours when we go in October.

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    Housekeeping places ice water in carafs ( sp), next to your bed a couple times a day ( at least they did in the atrium rooms). It was very good drinking water. Also, ice water served with your meals in the restaurants. Bottled water available at all the bars. I have stomach problems, and never once became bothered by the water left in our room or the water served in restaurants. I also bring the insulated water bottle, and have the bar refill it with ice water several times a day for the beach. ( they will not place alcohol in the containers , I heard people ask, but they did not mind water ).

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    plenty of bottled water!!

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    Can you get sparkling mineral water or is it just still.

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