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    Default How To Get Resort Credit

    I just read a post where someone said you can get a $500 resort credit for booking 7 days. How do we get in on that? We are first timers staying at CSA next month for 7 days. Can someone explain this to me?

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    Sorry. You would have had to book when that special was being offered. BUT...! They are offering a similar special for 2011 travel. You have to book by April 15th, I think.

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    I believe that is fo travel in 2011 and must be booked by April 15,2010.

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    The $500 resort credit is a special being offered right now to people who book 2011 travel before April 15th. It was also offered last year I believe for this year's travel but I don't know the specific dates for when you had to book to get it. If you qualified for it, you would probably know already.

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    If you happend to book in the window for 2010 then you will be given the credits on arrival. Sorry I don't remenber when the booking window was.

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    To get the $350 spa credit and $150 gift shop credit (for a total of $500) for 2010, you would have had to book by June 30, 2009. For the $500 resort credit for 2011, you have to book by 4/15/10 and stay a minimum of 7 nights.

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