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    I am planning a trip in November to CSA and was wondering what's the difference other than location with the Ocean Verandah Suite and the Beachfront Verandah Suite. Also, are the rooms located on the 1st floor so you can walk out from the patio to the grounds/beach?


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    There is no difference other than location. Structurally, they are the same rooms. The Beachfront verandahs reside in the buildings right along the beach. The Ocean are the buildings behind the Beachfront,and the Garden are the buildings behind the Ocean. The buildings are offset a bit and angled, so in Ocean you can see around the building in front of you in most rooms.

    Each building has 12 rooms - 4 across, 3 floors high. So the first floor beachfront give you the ability to walk out to the beach. 2nd and 3rd floor in those buildings are still in the Beachfront category.

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    The Verandah Suite buildings are the newer buildings on the resort, and you're correct... the building name is more or less a function of it location. The Beachfront Verandah Suite buildings are right ON the beach, with only the main beach walkway separating them from the beach.

    These buildings have four suites on each of three floors for a total of 12 suites per building.

    Hope that helps.

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    We stayed in a BFVS. There were 2 steps off our verandah, a couple steps across the sidewalk and onto the beach. We loved the 1st floor, easy access to our room while out on the beach. We just left the door unlocked. We were never bothered by noise at night, nor were we bothered about the traffic on the sidewalk. It was nice to say hi to everyone.....such friendly guests. We loved having morning coffee on the verandah and listening to the ocean. Our room was #4121, if you're interested. We will always request that room. I think the OVS are further away from the beach. Enjoy!

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    There are no differences between the Ocean and Beachfront Verandah Suites, other than proximity to the beach. The 1st floor rooms have patios that open onto the beach (or the sidewalk to the beach if it's an Ocean room). The 2nd and 3rd floor rooms have balconies that face the ocean. There are stairways on the side away from the beach that lead up to the 2nd and 3rd floor rooms.

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    No difference between the rooms. The entire building will be one room type, so your room could be 1st, 2nd, or 3rd floor.

    Have fun!

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    we stayed in the ocean view last november..we liked have three floors in those have a partial view of the water..we will be there this nov.11-19...

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    Default CSA Rooms

    Hi, we had the beachfront veranda suite and requested the first floor. 1st floor has steps off your porch right to the beach. I highly recommend that room, it was great!
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    We just returned from our second trip to CSA. Both times we stayed in the beachfront suite, actually we stayed in the exact same room both trips! Anyways, we had a first floor room and yes it walks right out and you have french doors. This trip we left the back door unlocked so we didn't have to walk around each time. Be careful the cleaning ladies do lock the patio door when they come in to clean and do turn down service! Make sure to find Dermon, Akeem, and Paul. They are the best!

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    The only differene is location. The OVS sit behind the BFVS. The first floor units do walk out to the beach/property.

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    There is no difference other than location, as far as I am aware. The rooms and amenities (TV, minibar, etc) are the same.

    The first floor rooms do have steps down from the patio to the ground. However, the patio doors only lock from the inside, so you have to leave through the regular room door if you are going out.

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