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    Trip number two is just as good as our first in February. It was so nice that many of the staff remembered us, makes the holiday even more special. We booked a Penthouse Suite this time around and are loving the views from the top of D Block. We are in the Roger Moore suite and the room service guys keep calling Paul "Mr. Bond", lol.

    Any questions, fire away!

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    KarenON..Yay you...So glad you are having a great time at CSS.

    We will arrive there on April 17th so do not drink up all the Salty dogs..Ruff Ruff

    Tell Pierre and Fluffy Hi for Tommywommy and have me a hug ready.
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    Thanks Tommy, will tell Mr. B and Fluffy hi from you! Have yet to try a salty dog, but you never know!!

    Enjoy your trip Tommy!

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    I think we met you on the beach. Do you have the bird shaped towel pegs? We were from ON as well and left on Monday.

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    Allovertanguy - yes we have the bird shaped towel clips, too funny! Are you the couple from Wolfe Island? Were you sitting on the beach or by the pool at SSB?

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    Oh, love, love Roger Moore! He is my ultimate fave Bond, though hubby prefers Sean Connery

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    On the beach from Waterloo drinking iced coffees.

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    Karen...just curious, but what number is the Bond Suite?

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    When are you leaving? We will be there Saturday and I'm dying for a pina colada! How's the weather and the bugs?
    Rebecca & Michael

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    Karen & Paul,

    Questions? Where do I start?
    My SO and I will be making our first trip to CSS in, let's see.....8 weeks and a sleep (as you say on the Message Board)!! I stayed at one of the S resorts in Jamaica several years ago but this will be his first AI and first tropical vacation. (He still can't believe we're going )
    So, any tips you can share about CSS would be most welcome. I have been checking the Message Board every day at lunch looking for more traveling suggestions or specific details/facts about San Souci.

    Thank you!! And I hope you are having a fantastic time at CSS

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    We'll be there Monday, so save us some sun and some alcohol!

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    Wileeandrr - It is D-20, we loved it!

    Rrallen - We leave tomorrow (Saturday) at 2:30 p.m., very sad to leave. The weather has been the best we've ever had on a vacation, nothing but sunshine and progressively hotter as the week has gone on. No problems with bugs at all.

    MissKimberly - You must be so excited to be coming to CSS, here is our e-mail address, we'll help any way we can.

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    Karen glad you had a great time again not to rub it in but we beat you back to CSS by 1 week!!! LOL talking about November now....

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    ddc - just got back last night, it was an even better holiday than the first time! The weather was perfect, 9 straight days of sunshine! Wow, November huh, good for you! We'll be back sometime next winter, just not sure when yet!

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    We get there on the 17th, cannot wait, glad to hear it is awesome as ever! As if there were a doubt!

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    ty Karen!

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