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    Default Sherri & Matt's Wedding 8-25-09 @ CSA!!

    Sharing photos from our beautiful day at CSA! We married on the beach at 11 am and the color of the water was amazing. Granted it was HOT but it was the end of August afterall !

    It was just the two of us, very intimate and special indeed. I really didn't notice the few people watching on the beach until they all clapped when we had our first kiss and danced back down the aisle. Our wedding coordinator Tameka was on-top of everything and she had such a great personality. I can't say enough great things about her. We had a couple of not-so-good customer service issues (surprisingly, considering all the rave reviews) before our wedding day and we really questioned our decision to marry there. But I can happily report that Tameka erased all that and our day was fabulous, which was the most important part!

    The amazing Misha Earle was our photographer and I highly recommend her and her work. She was very professional through the whole process - and fun during our shoot - and by the time we cut our cake we insisted she take a few minutes and join us as our guest! As for photos, we went around the resort and to Negril's West End. By the end though, the heat and sun had really taken a toll. The airconditioning in Feathers for our wedding night dinner was a blessing! (All the other restaurants are open-air.) And I must add that the food at Feathers was divine, especially the desserts and french-pressed Blue Mountain coffee. On another note, if you want to go horseback riding at sunset, arrange it with the Rasta who walks with his horses just over the CSA beach "border." Haggle with him on price and bring something extra for a tip. Best part was we didn't even have to leave the resort!

    This messageboard and so many brides helped answer my questions etc. before our wedding at CSA - and if I can do the same, do not hesitate to ask!
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    you pictures are great!!!...was she from the resort!!!

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    did you bring your own music??

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    Congrats! Beautiful pix =]

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    Thanks, ladies!
    Misha Earle is an outside vendor - check out her website:
    We loved working with Misha - she is wonderfully talented with the personality to match!
    We did bring our own music, five songs on a CD. I walked down the aisle to SOJA's "True Love" - started crying the minute the music started . A traditional wedding was not "us", and getting to incorporate music that meant so much to us was priceless. Not to mention, getting to dance back down the aisle to another song that evokes lots of good memories.
    And kkbon, thank you again for all the info. you posted after your wedding. So very helpful when it came time for ours! Going with an outside photographer was the best decision. A little painful for our budget but no regrets!
    Oh, I forgot to mention in my first post that we took a video camera and a resort guest was more than happy to video our ceremony for us - and he really did a nice job. We played it during our AHR - made for a fabulous touch and our family and friends really enjoyed it.

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    Thank you for sharing. Your pictures were amazing! We are getting married on Dec. 28th at CSA and I love seeing the pics as it helps to make me less nervous and feel more prepared. I love your foot jewels where did you get them, if you dont mind sharing? I couldnt tell if it was the foot jewels or an anklet. Thanks Again and Congratulations!!!!

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    Yes, they're barefoot sandals - there were matching anklets to complete the look but you can't see them in the photo. (added the palm tree charm myself) I found the "jewelrymaker" on, she is under MysticalLovely74, and I can't recommend her enough! She has plenty of styles and colors ready to go or you can have a custom pair done which is what I did. Customer service was awesome with fast turnaround and her prices are very reasonable. You'll love her work!! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

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    Default love it

    OMG your pics are beautiful. We are getting married at csa June 4th.
    Question!! your cake & bridal flowers...... was that the standard done by couples?? or was that the upgraded cake & flowers!! what were your choices
    thanks so much for any ideas

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    Thanks, knoelp!
    My flowers and our cake were both standard. We had the Jamaican fruit/spice cake and it was delish & a fun choice. I brought the ribbon with me and asked to have some of the purple orchids from my bouquet incorporated on the cake. You can add more flowers for a small charge but we skipped that. For my bouquet I just asked for it not to be as "long" as it is in the resorts photos that show brides' choices. You can see the bouquets in the link below, which is under the "weddings" link on the left side of the website.
    Best wishes!

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    How long did you spend with Misha? We are planning on booking her in November for our wedding...can't decide on 3 hours or 5 hours???

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    It may help to base it on whether you're shooting everything on the resort property or also going off-resort, and if it's just the two of you vs. also several guests. Our wedding was at 11am, and Misha showed up around 10am to take a few shots before the ceremony, etc. After post-ceremony shots, cake cutting, etc. we did go to the cliffs on the West End. I'd say it was about 3 and 1/2 hours total. (It was a blast but we were exhausted by the end, but I think that's mostly because the Aug. heat was insane!) Also think about what you'll want to do with the rest of your day to see if you want to shoot for five hours. Either way, you can't go wrong!! I'm sure you will love working with Misha, she is a doll, and a talented one at that. Any more ?'s, let me know. Happy Wedding to you!!

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    How long did it take to get your pictures back? I'm trying to plan my reception and want the pics by then. Thanks so much for your insight!!!!

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    Morning! I believe it was about two or three weeks for the C.D. We had already booked our AHR for a week after our return from Negril before we hired Misha. But Misha was able to accomodate - I explained to her our tight schedule and she was able to email a few pics in time for me to enlarge a couple for the celebration. I also bought a cool hand-made album at one of the spots on the beach, just off the resort and filled that with some of the pics I took all over the resort - guests loved the inside look into our trip. So you can get creative if time is off the essence. We also had our wedding video that a guest shot for us, playing on a flat screen in the background.

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    you look so beautiful and your pics are amazing. soo happy we booked misha for july!!!

    thanks for all the help and info

    congrats on your marriage

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    beautiful pictures

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    So happy to hear you'll be working with Misha too!! Hiring her to capture it all was the best decision we could've made - I love looking back at our photos. Of course then I get antsy to go back to Negril. Be sure to all post your pics.

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