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    Default Tennis Program - CSA v CN

    Can anyone compare the tennis programs at these two resorts? I am interested in how much participation there is from the guests, how professional, organized, and well-run the clinics are, how well attended the tournaments are... that kind of thing.
    I really don't need a rundown or comparison of the facilities/courts as I have seen both and played on the har-tru at CSA in the past, but it has been a long time ago now.
    Thanks very much!

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    I can't compare but can tell you when we were at CN in November last year, we were the only ones on the court at that time. They do tennis lessons etc, that we didn't participate in though and there may have been more people then.

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    CSA has pretty much the premiere tennis complex in the Caribbean. They have hard and clay courts, several resident pro's (3 - 5) and at least one visiting pro. The participation level is very high here, and we always see people out on the courts regularly. We also take the private tennis lessons offered regularly. Additionally, their Round-Robins and tournaments almost always have people participating.

    We have never stayed at CN, but have visited and have stayed at CTI and CSS, and at both CTI and CSS were the only people on the courts. At CN, during our day there, we didn't see anyone utilizing the courts at all.

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