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    Default Booked March 30/10 - 50% off extended?

    New to Couples - going to Sans Souci this Dec. - booked on March 30/10 in order to get the 50% off - the sale must have gotten extended til June? I didn't realize this would happen....or I would have waited to see what specials come up for the next 2 months' worth of Wednesdays.
    Hopefully, there will not be a better deal that I should have waited for. Just confused about this, that's all.

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    No worries! Couples has a Best Deal guarantee. Here's the link to more information:
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    Yeah I was not happy about this either. With all the hoopla about having to book right now, do it now, today, right now, and then 2 days later it was the same price.

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    Not every room category experienced a rate increase. Think of it this way: You are booked and you can start looking forward to coming hoe to Couples Resorts soon....

    Couples Resorts

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    I am in agreeance with Randymon. We booked on the final day (mar 31st) for 10 days at CN in November. I don't much care that the special has been carried over......all I know is we have our reservation for the most beautiful place on Earth and our countdown (albeit a long one) is on!

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    We booked March 30th for Dec. - our countdown is longer than yours

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    216 days to go. I'm not wishing my life away, however....I can't wait until November

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