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    Default Question for Randymon or CTI manager

    I am a nursing mother who will have to pump milk while at CTI in June. I was wondering if it would be possible to store milk while at CTI as I would hate to have to dump it all. Will I have to bring a cooler with me and keep getting ice from the bars or would it be possible to have a small fridge? We have booked a deluxe oceanfront, so no minibar and paying the extra for an ocean suite is not really an option. I'm sure this issue has come up in the past and just wondering how it has been handled. Thanks.

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    Yes, we will make arrangements to store your mommy's milk while you are at CTI. Let us know upon checkin. I may take a couple of hours, but no worries...

    Couples Resorts

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    Hi 3cats,
    I would also contact TSA. With the "3 oz liquid" rule for carry-ons, they may not allow you to board the plane with it. I know they make exceptions for parents WITH kids, but you actually have to have the child with you in order to bring it through security. I saw a mom have to dump a sippy cup at security because her child has already passed through security with the husband and TSA couldn't verify the child...
    Just saying... It would be a shame to go through all that trouble and then have a snag at security at the airport.

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    I would worry about getting it through customs. They really have no way to verify that it is your milk and they are very picky about agricultural items entering the country. I'm not sure who to ask about that though.

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    Default Milk

    I used to travel while nursing and cringed every time I had to pump and dump, but TSA will not allow the milk through security without having the child with you (dumb, I know) but you also have to be concerned about the safety of the milk not being stored at the proper temps and if it's not frozen, the milk really isn't safe after a few days of just being refrigerated. Also, alcohol and breast milk do not mix so you will have to plan any adult beverages accordingly if you were to plan to take the milk home.

    However, make sure you continue to pump regularly so you keep up your production. And know that many mom's out there pump and dump all the time, it's OK. Just enjoy your trip and when you get home your little one will be happy to have your fresh milk, not milk that may not be stored properly for the week.

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    The Security at MBJ will not let you take a week's worth of "Mommy's Milk" on the plane, especially without the child there..
    Make other arrangements...

    Besides, don't you want to drink and eat all different foods you might not eat at home??
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    Also, it would be hard to refrigerate it for the 2 hour shuttle ride and 1-2 hour wait for your flight home - then if you have a plane change, you will be dealing with TSA in the States, all over again...too many roadblocks
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