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    Default At CN now!!! WIFI and building 6

    Hi everyone! We're at CN now and it just as fantastic as we remember it from the last 2 years!!! The weather is hot and beautiful!! We have had rain the last two days for about 1 1/2 hrs each afternoon but then back to sunshine. We are having a fabulous time and of course time is going too fast!
    Flew Timair in to CN - that's how we're gonna do it from now on. It was great! We landed in Mobay at 10:30 and were checked in and on the beach by noon!
    Building 6 is under renovations of some sort - I believe soft furnishings, maybe a little painting, we've heard a few power tools and seen them bringing in wooden furniture (looked like the mini-bar area?). So no building 6 for a while!!
    We are in building 9 and have a great view! The wifi signal is great! I'm on my balcony right now. Any questions? Just ask! I'll try to check back here later before we leave but I can't promise anything!!!! You know - we are in paradise!!!!

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    Cindy, Thanks for the update on Bldg 6. Hope it's done by the time we go in Sept. (68 days & counting!) We're hoping for Bldg 6 or 9, so a nice, fresh updated Bldg 6 would be great Enjoy the rest of your days at CN

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    Hi Cands,
    Glad you're having a great time. Quick question for you, does building 9 have any Deluxe Garden rooms or is it all Deluxe Ocean? We will probably be heading to Negril and I would love to be in Bldg 9 because it is closest to the AN beach. But from what I can tell Deluxe Garden isn't a category in that Bldg, True or False. Thanks

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    Default Hi CandS

    Hope you are having an irie time - how could you not LOL We too love Building 9 and hope we get it again - 6th trip soon come and thank you for the WiFi update. King Melon does not have the luxury of not working while in paradise and we are hoping to have WiFi in our room. Enjoy - give Herbert a Ya Mon from Al and Anita (he called us last Saturday and said my friends where are you - so cool)

    ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY 6 days to go for us

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    Hmm...we requested building 6 for our trip in October. Hope they're done by then!

    I am tempted to bring my laptop with the free wi-fi just so I can download my photos and post a few, but dang I hate to lug that thing along!

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    LUCKY YOU!!! Have a GRAND TIME!!!! A & F

    If you get a chance ... PLEASE tell Damian at the concierge desk, Melissa in the clothing store, and Bartendar Carrie that Art and Francine send their LOVE!!!! I could go on and on with the requests, but thought I would start small!!!

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    Justdiane - I checked at the front desk for you last night. There are no garden view rooms in building 9 - only garden view suites.
    I have no idea when building 6 is supposed to be done. We keep hearing noise over there but it doesn't look like much is happening. All the sliding glass doors are off, curtains down, furniture moved all's anyones guess.
    Gotta go - I hear the beach calling my name!!!

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    Default 9 days and counting down!!!!!

    WE are going to be there in 9 LONG days!!! Never been to Negril. Glad to hear you're having a great time!

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    Cands you guys are awesome!Thanks so much for taking the time out from your vacay to find that out for me!!I really appreciate it.I had a feeling there weren't any deluxe gardens rooms in that building.Hope your stay goes VERY slowly.Enjoy every second!!!

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    Default At CN Now

    Hi there Cands!
    Pat & Ken will be there on another day - thanks for the report!!

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    Thanks for the update, we leave for 'home' in 10 days. Can hardly wait! Then 7 nights of heaven. We have been in bldg 9 the last 2 visits- same room and hoping for the same this time too. Is it July 23 yet?

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    Our favorite building, Wifi works in bldg 9, that is great, I will not have to trudge to the lobby every night to fix problems at work.

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