Hi everyone! We're at CN now and it just as fantastic as we remember it from the last 2 years!!! The weather is hot and beautiful!! We have had rain the last two days for about 1 1/2 hrs each afternoon but then back to sunshine. We are having a fabulous time and of course time is going too fast!
Flew Timair in to CN - that's how we're gonna do it from now on. It was great! We landed in Mobay at 10:30 and were checked in and on the beach by noon!
Building 6 is under renovations of some sort - I believe soft furnishings, maybe a little painting, we've heard a few power tools and seen them bringing in wooden furniture (looked like the mini-bar area?). So no building 6 for a while!!
We are in building 9 and have a great view! The wifi signal is great! I'm on my balcony right now. Any questions? Just ask! I'll try to check back here later before we leave but I can't promise anything!!!! You know - we are in paradise!!!!