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    Default Have been to CTI but want to go to CSA...need help!

    Hey Everyone,

    My fiance and I are wanting to take a trip to another Couples Resort. We have been to Couples Tower Isle a few years ago but now we want to check out Couples Swept Away. I have seen pictures of the updated Tower Isle and seem to think its more modernized than Swept Away? Also, for those who have been to both which one do you prefer and why? Are the beaches about the same? Also, I remember the jacuzzi huts in the middle of the property at CTI do they have the same things at CSA? Also, I remember the food being AMAZING at CTI and I just want to make sure its pretty much the same at CSA. I am asking all these questions because we are in limbo on weather to go back to CTI or go to CSA!!! Need all the suggestions we can get!

    P.S. We are hoping to go at the end of May so we need some quick suggestions!

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    Beach at CSA is many orders of magnitude better than CTI.

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    Hi Amandaj and welcome to the Couples family!

    My wife and I went to CTI about 6 years ago because it was our first trip to Jamaica and we wanted to climb the Dunns River Falls just in case we never made it back again. We had no idea we'd love Jamaica and the people as much as we did. Our second trip was to CSA two Decembers ago. We enjoyed CTI but fell in love with CSA. The food is awesome at both but we enjoyed the grounds and the beach at CSA much better. Also, CTI doesn't have anything to compete with CSA's Sea Grapes awesome lunches and snacks. I loved the Spa/Sports facilities across the street at CSA. I've never been to an AI resort that had anything as nice. I even took a few exercise classes with the instructor of the week which were great. We felt that the beach at CTI was way too confining. CSA is on 7 mile beach and you can walk to your hearts content and checkout some of the local shops and people along the way. My wife bought a beautiful beach coverup on one of our strolls. Bring a small amount of cash because except at the hotel I wouldn't use a credit card. There are two hot tubs; one behind the Oceanfront Verandah buildings and one over at the Sports Complex. There aren't any hidden ones like at CTI that I know of. My daughter went to CTI last Fall, after the renovations, for her honeymoon and although they had a good time they prefer cruises more. I think they're nuts but to each his own. By modernized I'm assuming that you just mean "newer". We felt that CTI was too much like a hotel and the rooms/buidlings at CSA are more laid back and give you an island feel walking through the grounds to get to them. If you want hotel feel than choose a room in the Great House which is pretty new. The Great House rooms do look a lot like the Verandah rooms which we enjoyed having a mini bar and tv. By the way, we didn't spend too much time in the room with all the things to do outside like drinking a fresh hummingbird or grabbing something to eat whenever you want. I hope I've highlighted some things to help you with your decision. If you have any other specific questions you can e-mail me at Enjoy your time in paridise!

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    Hi amandaj, we had the same dilema. Went to CN last year and absolutley loved it... and are going to CSA in 23 days! We had to ask ourselves "do we want to be the type of people who did the same thing over and over or do we want to experienc everything?" I say take risks. Do something different. Each experience will be wonderful, but different.

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    Default love them all...

    how about a split trip between CN and CSA,they are 5 minutes apart. We went to COR, now CTI in 2005 then a split to CN and CSA in 2007. That way we really got to try out both.
    CSA has longer beaches to walk, so does CN. CSA has the best tropical rooms. All have great food and service.
    We will go back to CTI in 2011!

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    My sweetie and I have been to CSA three times and then went to CTI last May. First of all both resorts are amazing. With Couples you get the same service wherever you are which you already know is outstanding. In my opinion, I prefer CSA over CTI. I hope I don't get beat up over that. The main reason is the rooms. CTI feels more like a hotel although beautiful I prefer the tropical and islandy (is that a word) feel to Swept Away rooms. The food at both places is wonderful. However in my opinion the beach at CSA is to die for. The beach at CTI is much smaller and for lack of better terms is surrounded by rocky shore where CSA is sand as far as you can see. CSA is much bigger all around so if you enjoy the smaller private area stick with CTI. I hope this helps. I'd be glad to answer any questions. We love CSA and are headed back June 19! Can't wait. You'll have a wonderful time no matter which resort you choose!!

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