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Thread: Fun at CSS SSB

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    Default Fun at CSS SSB

    We are just back from (Jan 15-22) our first AU beach experience and loved every minute of it. The beach and pool and bar and grill at SSB are all great and the people were so friendly. My wife was nervous at first, but relaxed more and more as the week went by. I love the no-lines tan!

    The whole resort is beautiful and the food is excellent. We can't wait to return.

    A special hello to the fun couples we met there:
    Chris and Colleen
    Dave and Marnie
    Mike and Cathy

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    Another satisfied customer!

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    Default Us too!!!

    Hi Chris and Sue!!!!
    Glad to hear you made it home safely. We had a wonderful time at SSB and met so many great people! Can you believe how busy it was? I think a lot more people are getting brave! They may have to allot us nudies more beach!
    It was a pleasure sharng our vacation with you and we hope to see you again next year too!

    Marnie and Dave

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    Glad to hear you had a great time. What games and group activities did they have at SSB?
    How many people will fit in the new hot tub? Any other tips? Thanks!

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    The Hot tub is small and holds about 8 people. The trivia contests were fun. The last day we were there someone brought body paint, and many people "painted up" Some of the designs were really good. However, it appears to be against resort policy, because in the past some folks ruined some linens when they didn't wash before going to bed. Otherwise, not much activities except drinking and socializing.

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    Default Lots to do

    There was a lot more then trivia. There was beer pong. A serious game of shots bingo. We also played bannagrams and scrabble. If you want to play scrabble, just find Simone and she will bring her board. Lots to do at the SSB!

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    We were there the same time as Chris and Sue and had a blast. We played naughty bingo on Monday..... make sure you understand the rules! I was late getting there and missed them. I cost me about 4 shots and I was lucky I made it to dinner!

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    Beer pong was way too difficult on the beach! And good call on shots bingo, Marnies. It doesn't take much to push you over the edge when you're drinking all day on the beach!

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