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    Default Using WiFi on Vacation??

    Whether you're at the airport or in Jamaica....always be cautious. This is happening more and more -,2933,531380,00.html

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    Great post!

    A number of times in the last year or so, there have been posts on this MB about the availability of wifi at the resorts by folks who insist that their employer or their business can NOT survive without them for a week. Mind you, I'm not being critical, but this doesn't jive with my idea of a vacation.

    Cloning of cell phone numbers has been an ongoing problem over the years on the island. Cyber criminals become just one step more sophisticated than the latest and greatest security traps, so the cyberwars will continue to be an ongoing battle. If you think your laptop is secure, guess again. If our government agencies aren't secure, what makes you think your gadgets are?

    My recommendation in the past has always been... if you're on vacation, give your laptop a vacation. No one is so important to an enterprise that they won't be missed for a week of vacation. If I'm wrong... and I'm not... there are a lot of businesses on the verge of collapse.

    Let the flaming posts begin...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Default You make a good point...

    ...but to each his/her own. My inquiries as to the availability to internet access have nothing to do with anything remotely related to work. As a matter of fact, I cannot wait to get away from everything work for a week. My need for being connected is exactly remain connected.

    Otherwise, I'll need to extend my vacation upon my return home and spend several days catching up on news, happenings and the goings-on. Not to mention the repeated, rehashing of the vacation to family and friends. I would rather update during the trip, while enjoying myself and relaxing rather than coming home to an overwhelming task of catchup.

    All that said, is anyone able to tell me if there is wifi access in the Greathouse guestrooms at CSA, or just common areas? Or is it just in the internet cafe?

    Either way bring one the Red Stripe...and keep it coming until I'm on the floor!

    Thanks - CB

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    We've had luck with WiFi in Garden Verandah Suites, and have heard that the GreatHouse Verandah Suites are also WiFi accessible. We stayed in the Beach Front Suite last time, and no WiFi there.

    And to each their own as far as what they have to do for work/non-work. With the economy being the way it is, some people aren't so lucky to be able to leave their job without taking it with them in some form, so for those casting judgment, congrats on being able to take a vacay totally away from work, but there are those of us who for whatever reason just can't...

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    Gonegril - well said...thank you.

    last year I was in a position to be able to walk away from work and not worry about - now that my staff has been cut in half - things are not so easy.

    It is not a lot of time but if 30 mintues a day on the computer takes care of my being able to be in paradise while doing it - that is the way things are!

    Take care....we are down to 4 more sleeps and we are off to paradise!


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    Where can I get Wifi at Tower Isle? I would like to check emails from the room and not have to go to the Cafe....

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    I would not take my laptop on vacation if I did not have to. Things do get broken at work and must be fixed and they cannot wait a week for me to return.

    My wife is an H/R director and must answer emails also.

    Curious as to why it bothers YOU?

    We also use the laptop to communicate w/ our (3) children instead of spending $100+ on telephone calls.

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    Chris ~ I agree with others. Congrats that you are able to completely unplug for vacation.

    I am like others in a small business and it is impossible for me to download all the information I have to the volunteer who steps in to help out while I am on vacation. So it is imperative that I have access to email so that my replacement or any of the directors can get in touch with me. I'd love to be able to unplug, but it just isn't possible.

    My husband also has a barter business and almost all of his work is conducted online. He can not be away from the internet while we are gone for 2 weeks and he is a one man show so he has no one to pass the tasks onto. So it is also imperative that he be able to check his email and perform business as necessary.

    We would love to unplug, but it just isn't possible with our jobs.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post

    Let the flaming posts begin...
    No flaming from me...just insight.

    How else can I have a DVD player, a phone, a data backup for my 1000s of pictures, a photo editor, a way to burn CDs, etc all wrapped up in a tiny device?

    Disconnecting may work for some, but not everyone is "some".

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    One of the big reasons we chose Couples the first time was the free wifi. That is worth a lot of $$ to us.

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    I really don't want to belabor this point, and I'm sorry if my side comment offends some. But the original post referenced an article about cyber-crime and the use of public networks and wi-fi hotspots, and how unsecured (and dangerous) they are to conduct business on.

    Let me also comment that my experience in checking my personal e-mail at SweptAway in the computer room is that the network is not exactly the most reliable. Over our last couple of visits, we've experienced problems accessing our e-mail at least once over the course of the week.

    I have friends on the island who have experienced some serious issues with reliability (or lack thereof), and one of them, a local tour operator, relies on the internet for their website and for folks to contact them with inquiries. The fact is, about the only form of communication that is truly reliable on the the island is its cell phone network.

    I only mention these things to forewarn those who might have expectations of being able to conduct "business as usual". This might not be the case, but then again, you might have no problem at all. Good luck!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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