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    Hi, we are arriving on Fri! Hooray!!
    I have been open water certified through PDIC (and padi) since 1992. Its been a long time since I dived though. Will the resort make me re-cert??
    Thanks in advance for your input.

    Becky & Wayne
    CTI in April 2010

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    oooppps shoulda posted in the Main MB...sorry

    Becky & Wayne
    CTI in April 2010

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    More like a refresher course or testing to make sure you are ready to make bubbles at depth. Have fun!

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    Default Log Book or Quick Check-Out

    I was in the same situation when I visited CTI last year. It had been at least 10 years since my last dive, and, before we left the US, it took me about 2 months to get a replacement C card from the YMCA. (YMCA no longer has a certification program.) My log book was misplaced over the years.

    For my own benefit and to demonstrate my skills to the dive staff, I did a quick check out dive in the pool with Colin. And as an added bonus, my wife could watch us while she was sunning and sipping a cool drink! The cost was $50, perhaps a little steep, but it was cheaper than taking the resort course, or getting recertified. And it made me re-learn everything that may have slipped my mind from my previous diving days.

    Colin and the dive staff at CTI were great! They knew their stuff, were very outgoing, and loved to dive. Scuba equipment was new and in good shape. I did 2 dives while we were there; wife was in the spa, so it was a win-win situation!

    We are planning a return trip in December. Can't wait to scuba with the dive staff again!

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    misterhainey, Do you remember the names of the dive sites you went to? I will be there in late Feb 11 and would like to know. I have even contacted CTI and asked this question 2 times w/o any answers yet. It's now been at least 2 weeks since my last inquiry. thanks!

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    Scuba now,

    I don't recall if the dive sites had names. Both of them were shallow dives - about 30-40 feet. The anchorages were just a mile or two from Sans Souci. We could see the beaches as we went by.

    Visibility was good, not great. I dove in the Caymans many moons ago, and that water was crystal clear.

    Don't fret, though. The dive staff is great, and equipment is in good working order. Colin, Rasta and the gang will take good care of you. I can't wait for to return... Come soon!

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    Devils reef, dickies reef, gateway, barracuda are a few and there are two wrecks. I can't remember the rest but there are more. You will not find a better dive crew then colin, rasta(loyd) and captain david. Enjoy your diving.

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    Thanks to both of you dandj and misterhainey! I bet I dived at least one or more of those sites when I was at CSS a few years ago. I saw a giant crab in the reef that had a claw as big as my forearm and hand. No, this is not a fish story. I really saw it and so did my dive buddy. Hope to see it again and this time take a picture of it.

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    We did our advanced with Rasta while we were there this time. On our last dive we saw the nurse shark everyone was talking about but no-one had seen. Saw no turtles this time but large crab, eels and rays. enjoy.

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