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    Default Making Memories of us with our first dance as a married couple.

    Our first dance, under the Ohio Stars warmed by a magnificent bonfire. Our wedding song was Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban. Thanks to Couples Sans Souci for a perfect wedding.
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    1. Bloody Bay view of CN, taken while kayaking
    2. View of southern side of Bloody Bay near sunset
    3. One of the chandeliers at Cassava Terrace, wonderful works of art with glass, shells and light.
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    Default Hope we're the winners!!!

    1. Bob Marley mon...and we lived to tell about it.

    2. Come to Couples to let your hair down and have some fun!

    3. It was love at first sip! Yummmmm

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    Default CN's Intimate Hideaways

    We spent November 16 - 25th, 2009 at Couples Negril for our wedding and honeymoon.

    After walking down the beach barefoot to my husband we shared:
    1. A romantic moment in the gazebo
    2. A secluded tree house massage
    3. A private dinner on the beach
    Each intimate hideaway made us feel as if we had the resort to ourselves. Thank you for the amazing memories Couples!
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    Default Sunsets and Night pics at Couples

    Best Vacation ever!
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    Default Our Tower Isle experience

    Name:  Red-Stripe.jpg
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    Red Stripe - Nector of Jamaica

    Name:  Drum Show.jpg
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    Jamaican heartfelt experience

    Name:  Healing-Spa.jpg
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    Nothing better than the healing spa!

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    Default April 2010 CSS First Trip

    Name:  Jamaica April10Beach Boats.jpg
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    Name:  Couples San Souci April10CSS grounds.jpg
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    Name:  Jamaica Aprl10Palm Mornjpg.jpg
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    1. CSS waterwports area in the morning. Peaceful!
    2. Perfectly manicured, colorful grounds areound every corner.
    3. Balcony view of a "couple" of palms. Serene.

    This resort should be written up in every garden, luxury hotel, and vacation magazine because of its sheer beauty. Pictures don't do it justice!

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    Default CSA 4/17/10 - 4/21/10 Brian & Kathy, Old Bridge, NJ

    1. Sunset ship

    2. Fire in the sky !!

    3. Paradise just doesn't get any better than this.
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    Default April photo contest

    A beautiful place to relax, unwind and reconnect.

    The path to serenity

    The perfect setting for falling in love again.

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    Default CSS is the BEST!

    Name:  DSC02816.jpg
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    Just one of many beautiful San Souci views!

    Name:  DSC02911.jpg
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    What more could you ask for!

    Name:  DSC02917.jpg
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    Calm & Peaceful!

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    Default Couples Swept Away

    Every Little Things Gonna Be Alright
    Best Game Of Uno EVER!!
    This is how every day should end
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    Looks beautiful! Nice photo

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    Default CSS, Our New Home

    1. CSS, every level offers a new way to relax.
    2. Come on up, if I can make it, you sure can!
    3. Look at me! I found a new way to attract the fish in the grotto.
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    Default CN April 2010

    1. Almost there.
    2. One of my favorite views, and the swim-up bar.
    3. The sunsets are so beautiful, you just have to be there.
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    Default CTI... Third time's a charm!

    Our third trip to CTI encompassed two special occasions - our 25th Wedding Anniversary and my wonderful hubby's 50th Birthday. We couldn't even think to ask for a better or more memorable trip - from start to finish it was perfection. Thanks CTI!
    1. One foot in paradise...
    Name:  Jamaica2010 023 resized.jpg
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    2. Reconnecting in our own Garden of Eden!
    Name:  Jamaica2011 133.jpg
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    3. No words needed...
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    Default Our Favorite Place to Be!

    1. Love in Paradise

    2. A perfect way to watch the sun go down!

    3. Sunset Beach...beautiful beach, amazing staff and always a fun place to be.
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    Default Enjoy the Sun of Couples Resort of Jamaica

    Name:  2009-10-04_0007.jpg
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    Name:  2009-10-04_0002 [50%] [Desktop Resolution].jpg
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    Name:  2009-10-04_0004.jpg
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    First picture is from two years ago. After a sun shower a rainbow was added to the vibrant colors of CN. It was our "honeymoon" after three kids and three grandkids and I felt the rainbow was our special gift. Also a sign we should return....and we did. Other two pictures our from our subsequent trip and the pictures say CN to us.
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    Default our first CSA trip but not our last!

    1. how can you not enjoy..jamaica..sunset glow..and hawaiian tropic tan oil!
    2. check out the figure in the fire! To bad our love can with stand the demons!!(look close you can see a head, hands very clearly and the rest of the body). No i am not still drinking LOL
    3. Jamaica looks good on us if I have to say so!
    we have not stopped talking about our trip so far and have 3 sets of friends looking into booking already!!
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    Default Couples Negril - April 4th-8th 2010 (April Photo Contest)

    Couples Negril - April 4th-8th 2010

    1. The Path to Endless Possibilities.
    2. Heaven Begins when the Day Ends.
    3. Simply... Jamaican!
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    Kris and Jamie
    October of every year.

    Fantastic evenings...

    ...breathtaking sunsets...

    ...beautiful views

    Looking forward to this year, and the next, and the next...

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    My wife loves the "Jamaica" bag in your picture, where did you get it, in Jamaica?

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    Default Enchanted by Couples Negril: April Contest

    We spent a glorious week at Couples Negril in April. Can't wait to go back! I was so taken by the lines, colours, and beautiful views all around us. Amazing...

    1. Enchanted by the Staircase at Couples Negril
    2. Supper by Oceanside for two
    3. Catamaran Cruise Pit Stop
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    we did! One of the vendors that came to the resort had many strawbags with many designs! so cute

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    Stayed at Couples Tower Isle from 4/17-4/23. What a trip!

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    Name:  071a.jpg
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    1.The Island at dusk.
    2.Our 25th!
    3.It just doesn't get any better than this.

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