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    1. The sunsets in Negril may be beautiful, but the SUNRISE in Ocho Rios is AMAZING!

    2. Just before dawn on our last day

    3. Relaxing before our massage
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    Wow you're pictures are absolutely gorgeous. They look like they can be on the back of postcards!!!

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    OH WOW, now that's sweet!!!

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    Default We left our hearts at Couples Swept Away

    What an amazing experience ! Our 1st Vacation ever, and we chose Couples Swept Away Negril Jamaica ! Bullseye right off the bat! Paradise!! What got to me the most, (besides the scenery),,, THE PEOPLE ARE SO FRIENDLY and warm. Our youngest daughter got married there 3/26/2010, and our hearts swelled with pride. An awesome altar by the beach, where my husband and I, offered our lifetime long sacrifice of raising her to a beautiful woman inside and out. At that altar we surrender our jobs of racing her throughout her life,and another man stepped in her daddys shoes. It's an experience we will never forget. The soothing waves and sun warming us through out the ceremony, made us feel, rewarded for a sacrifice of love. WE WILL RETURN TO COUPLES SWEPT AWAY ! ... we left our hearts there :-)(ps) hubby and I, are planning to renew our vows there,, 36 years married wink wink.. ;-)
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    Default Couples Tower Isle March 14-21, 2010

    The resort was beyond phenomenal (as seen in so many beautiful photos), but it was the people we spent our time with there that made the amazing memories we will always keep!
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    Default photos... magical place

    Imagine arriving at your destination, greeted with smiles, champagne cocktails, impeccable accommodations, extraordinary attention to detail and an exemplary staff attending to your every need. stayed from 3/19 to 3/26 :-)

    first pic - "the island"
    2nd pic - "exploration"
    3rd pic - "heavens gates"
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    1. A beautiful surprise view from our balcony
    2. I didn't need my Sunset Beach shorts on Sunset Beach (or any other clothing for that matter!)
    3. Gorgeous view of the grounds of Sans Souci from the glass bottom boat
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    Name:  swept away xmas 2008 485.jpg
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    my husband telling me he loves me no plants were injured couples swept away 2009
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    beautiful flower found by the spa at couples negril 2010
    Name:  swept away xmas 2008 285.jpg
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    beautiful sunset at couples swept 2009 away i loved the way everyone took the time each evening to see the beauty provided for us

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    Default Couples Swept Away

    "Swept" off her feet...

    A simple image that takes us back to the beauty, serenity and peace we felt in Jamaica...

    The elements collide as fire meets water...

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    1. The beautiful gardens of Swept Away.
    2. A lounge chair and an amazing beach - need I say more?!
    3. The final moments of our first sunset at CSA!
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    Default Couples Negril

    1. The most beautiful sunsets in the world!
    2. Peaceful, period.
    3. No where else could you find rainy days this gorgeous!

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    Default April Photo contest entry

    What could be more relaxing than this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amber&Jeff View Post
    The resort was beyond phenomenal (as seen in so many beautiful photos), but it was the people we spent our time with there that made the amazing memories we will always keep!
    Gotta watch out for that Jamaican Junkie (Dave) - Just never know where he will pop up!

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    Default CN - March 2010

    I look at my pictures and think it looks like another world! We share the same sun yet it never looks as sweet as it does in Jamaica!

    1. Waking up day after day in paradise
    2. A tye dyed sunset on the beach
    3. Picture perfect sunset

    Looking forward to CN again in 2011!
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    Default Leonkelly

    True love is always found at Couples Negril
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    Default Tower Isle - October 2009

    1. Enjoying a book, the pool, and the Jamaican Sun
    2. The staff has AMAZING talents, by far best night of vacation!
    3. Loving the ocean breeze
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    Default Couples Negril April 2010

    Now that is a sunset cruise...

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    Default April Photo Contest~ 1st pic

    @ CSS on a day pass from CTI. Mar. 28th - Apr. 4th, 2010.
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    Default April Photo Contest~2nd pic

    My best friend & I out kyaking in the Caribbean. CSS
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    Default Csa 23/03/10 ~ 06/04/10

    This was our honeymoon in paradise

    1. Our sunloungers (Almost a picture Postcard)
    2. What better way to want the sunset than with a bottle of champaign
    3. Local lad riding his horse at sunset
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    Default What an amazing vacation!

    I had The time of my life. I feel very thankful and truly blessed to have been in such a beautiful place. Thank you God for a beautiful place like couples Negril....It put the spark back into my marraige after 16 years. Thanks you couple and we will be back for our 17th anniversary.


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    Default Best anniversary ever

    Couples Tower Isle March 27th - April 1st celebrating our 5th Anniversary

    1. A sunrise almost as beautiful as my wife
    2. Tower Isle's amazing night time colors
    3. Hot nights at Tower Isle
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    1. Just a glimps of paradise.

    2. Reserved for my hubby and I Sept 24-28, 2010.

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    Name:  DSC01967.jpg
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    Default Couples Negril April 2010

    You never know what you will find on Bloody Bay...

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