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    Default Couples Negril - April 4th-8th 2010 (April Photo Contest)

    1. Sunset from the beach at Couples Negril

    2. Exploring Jamaica

    3. Wishing upon this star to take me back to Couples Negril
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    CTI Pool at night

    Carrie and Marlon are two of the reasons to return to CN

    I wish my living room looked like the lobby of CTI
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    Default Beach CN

    Couples Negril last March
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    Default Ah...Paradise!

    We already miss it, and can't wait to come home again!

    1. Sunset Stroll
    2. Romance Awaits
    3. Catamaran Crew
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    Default Photos from our honeymoon

    Resort: Couples Tower Isle
    Dates: April 13-19, 2010
    My husband and I spent our honeymoon at Tower Isle. We’ve been best friends for nine years and feel so blessed that we were able to celebrate our union with an amazing trip to Jamaica.

    Photo 1:

    A photo of the walkway to the Bayside restaurant at Tower Isle.

    Photo 2:

    A photo of the Caribbean Sea from the beach with Tower Isle in the background.

    Photo 3:

    A photo of the stepping stones that lead from the end of the sidewalk to the pool.

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    Couples Negril, April 17-24, 2010

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    Default Couples Resorts Our Home Away From Home

    People are always asking us why we go to Jamaica every year and why we only go to Couples Resorts. "Don't you want to try other islands?" they ask. "Or other resorts?" We tell them "been there, done that!" Our hearts belong to Jamaica and no matter which Couples Resort we stay at we know we will have a wonderful time!
    When we first stayed at Couples Sans Souci in March of 2008 we fell in love with the breathtaking views:

    On our second trip to Couples Negril in January 2005 we had a great time at the Piano Bar:

    On our second trip to Couples Ocho Rios in January 2008 we were lucky to be there for the 30th Anniversary Party and the announcement of the renovations to the future Couples Tower Isle!

    We will keep coming back every year because Couples is truly our home away from home!
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    Default Sans Souci-A Piece of Heaven here on Earth

    Couples Sans Souci~

    Where the SUNSETS are BREATH TAKING...
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    ...the SAND is EXHILARATING....
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    ...and the SCENERY is ENCHANTING!
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    We truly enjoyed every aspect of Couples, and we can't wait to visit this little piece of Heaven in Jamaica again.
    4/15/2010 to 4/21/2010

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    Our first visit to CSS was April 19-24th. It was the most amazing vacation we've ever taken and we can't wait to come back.

    1. Postcard Perfect
    2. Postcard Perfect #2.
    3. We admired these beautiful flowers all week


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    Default April Photo Contest

    From our third CN visit in April 2010.

    1. My wonderful hubby and I about to kiss at sunset
    2. Some of the talented musicians strolling along the beach at sunset
    3. a private dinner all ready for it's occupants (sadly, not us though!)
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    Default Cti 04/22-04/25

    1.pool waterfall comes the bride
    3.perfect way to spend our 11th anniversary!
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    Default Unmissable - CSA 18th April 2010

    For our first time visit to the islands we choose Jamaica and CSA - what a decision!

    We loved the nightime romantic bonfire and one of our pictures captured the stillness, the romance, the feeling and the drama of CSA. As we sat sipping a drink and watching the other couples gaze at the flames and each other - we couldn't help but feel in heaven.

    we then were lucky enough to catch some lovely cloud patterns against the palm trees - and so our other picture - just along the beach

    Our other is after our catermaran trip one night - the music from the boat - the laughter of us the guests - the amazing sunset - breathtaking - we have left CSA chilled out, ever in love and looking forward to our next trip one day.

    Claire & Ady
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    Default CSA Panorama

    Another beautiful morning of amazing possibilities at CSA!!
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    Default Smoochie Boochies

    Too cool.

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    Default April 24th 2010

    The view from our beach, was amazing. It was the best vacation I've had in a long time. The sunset cruise was awesome.

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    Default april 22,2010

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