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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe D. View Post
    You never know what you will find on Bloody Bay...
    kids are the last thing I want to find on a trip to Couples! LOL!!!

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    Default Couples Negril April 2010

    Bloody Bay...

    Name:  Panorama 2.jpg
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    Later...........Joe D.

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    Default Had a beautiful, amazing time at Couples San Souci !

    Our time with the staff and friends at Couples San Souci was amazing! The views were outstanding and the grounds and sports were wonderful. I cant amagine any other resort living up to the wonderful time we had at our FIRST EVER trip too the Carribean ! How can any other place be any more beautiful then Jamaica. The rooms are wonderful and outstandingly clean and fresh! They staff is outta this world. Very freindly and VERY entertaining. WAY TOO GO MINI ME ! You make the trip fabulous! The food is unlike anything i have tasted, I was told it was too die for and now how can anything compare ! Thank u all at Couples San Souci for making our First trip very memorable ! Trina

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    Default Our first trip too the Carribean, COULDNT have been anymore wonderful !

    Just steping outta the main lobby at Couples San Souci was breath-taken ! And that is just when the fun began! The grounds are amazing and the rooms are unbelieveable clean and fresh. The views from the balconies are unbelievable ! The staff at our resort are one of akind friendly and VERY outgoing ! They made the trip too live for. I dont know how any other trip too the carribean can live up too the time we had at San Souci ! I can not compare nor will i beable too find any other place that will live up too the unbelieveable time we had at our resort. Will be hard pressed too find another place unlike couples san souci... THANKS go out too all the staff that made our time well worth it. Trina !
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    1. Bayside at Dusk
    2. New Friends for Life
    3. End of another day
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    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    Default Couples Swept Away is the place to be!

    1. Heavens View from our CSA beachfront verandah!

    Name:  DSCN0724.JPG
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    2. A cool drink, the sun and lots of fun!!

    Name:  DSCN0651.jpg
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    3. "One Love" made simple at CSA.

    Name:  DSCN0953.JPG
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    Default Paradise is CN

    Paradise in CN. This was our first trip and definitely will not be our last. We found out you cannot stay long enough as you will see in the picture Scott is kissing "Paradise" goodbye till next time.
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    Hey LeeandD,

    I know, I feel the same way, but if you notice they have on wrist bands, from down the beach... We're safe!

    Later.............Joe D.

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    Default My entries for April's photo contest

    My husband & I were married at CTI on March 17. My entries are:
    #1 Us at dusk with Bayside Restaurant in the background
    #2 My husband's sand artwork
    #3 Right after our Twilight Massage
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    Default Couples Tower Isle

    #1 Shot of the ilsand with shots for the bride and groom.

    #2 Relax and listen to the garden

    #3 The spot where love happens

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    Default Sunset Wedding Picture

    This is one on my favourites. It really captures the essence of our beautiful wedding at CN.
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    Default Swim up bar in wedding clothes

    I think you took video of us in our wedding atire walking in the swim up bar pool!

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    Default CSS - 2 - 10 Apr 2010

    1. A private serenade by Clive Johnson playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow for us (he takes requests).

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    2. Stairs through the jungle, Tarzan would envy this place.

    Name:  P1030313 copy.jpg
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    3. Man Overboard!

    Name:  P1030462 copy.jpg
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    Default Photos from our second anniversary

    Photo #1: Beautiful evening from our balcony in F Block.
    Photo #2 One of Sans Souci's majestic pathways.
    Photo #3 Georgous dining view from the Bella Vista.
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    1. Relaxation on the beach
    2. Sunset in paradise
    3. Last day at CSA
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    Default April photo contest entries

    We were at CSA from April 7 - 15, 2010.
    1. View from the catamaran cruise
    2. Sunset
    3. Catamaran

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    Default CSS Jan 20 - 30th

    1. Talented entertainment
    Name:  IMG_9284 (2).jpg
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    2. Sun setting on the beautiful old cotton tree
    Name:  DSC_0111.jpg
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    3. Picture Perfect Beach
    Name:  DSC_0057 (3).jpg
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    Default CSA April 2010

    We had two very curious visitors while scuba diving at CSA last week.
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    Default First Trip to Sans Souci

    1) The Beach
    2) The Beach - Part II
    3) Chess Anyone?
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    Default Our Super Awesome Deluxe Jamaicamoon!

    1. Swept Away!
    2. Could be anyone...but it's totally us!
    3. Joe refusing to give up his robe and get dressed on our last day.
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    Default photo at CSS April 2010

    had a wonderful time at CSS April 5-9. It was our first (but definitely not our last!) trip to Couples.
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    Default CSA 12-16 April.

    1. Lunch from Sea Grape Cafe. Everyday Fish Tacos!
    2. Sunset Cruise
    3. Last night at CSA wondering why we need to go home.

    Best Vacation ever...
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    Default Couples Swept Away 3/8-3/15/10

    We watched stunning sunsets every night.
    Beautiful flower outside our room.

    Name:  sunset2.jpg
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    Name:  sunset3.jpg
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    Name:  flower.jpg
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    Default Monday nights will never be the same.......until the next time.

    We celebrated in style, we met new friends,loved every day, we sang with Eddie and his piano. A truly memorable holiday. Can't wait to return.
    love from Scotland

    1. Monday nights
    2. New Friends
    3. Piano nights with Eddie
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    Default Engaged at Couples Swept Away

    We got engaged at Couples Swept Away during dinner at LemonGrass. CSA was the best vacation we have ever had. The food, service, amenities, and sunsets were amazing. We do not have one negative thing to say about it. I highly recommend having a private dinner on the beach. There were so many stars in the sky, and they even gave us our own iPod to listen to romantic music. Everything was perfect!
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