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    Default CSA - Private Dinner Locations

    Last year, I surprised my husband with a private dinner in the Wedding Gazebo at CSS. Can anyone recommend locations for a private dinner at CSA?


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    A few... your verandah is a nice option to the beach, as is the wedding gazebo or the green it shares with that part of the resort. I'm even wondering if they can set you up and cordon off the walk in the area of the old koy pond.

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    If I'm not mistaken, the private dinners are held on the beach. They may give you the option of having it in the Gazebo.

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    There aren't many choices at CSA. They set these up right on the beach. They rake the sand and create a path out of lumineres out to your table. It's a lovely location. You're not far from the surf, and you can see the lights of Negril. I purchased it for my wife and I last month and was glad I did, but the food was so-so and I probably wouldn't do it a second time... especially if it's not a surprise. Well worth it the first time, though.

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    We also did the beach dinner and you are far enough away from others that it's private. They do a nice job!

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    My husband and I have gone to CSA two years in a row and we have done the dinner on the beach both times. I highly recommend it! They set things up so beautifully and the service is great and the food is also very good! We did it the first year and both loved it so much that now we will do it every time we go. The sound of the ocean is wonderful and you sit and enjoy your dinner, and many of the tables are set up mid beach so you are also close to the ocean. Do it!

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